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Joint value creation makes me vomit

Hi there,

I'm in Kansas City for Techweek. If you're here, please drop me a note. I'm going to try and get some folks together for breakfast tomorrow, so if you're free and building a company or investing/acquiring them, I would love to catch up.

Starbucks & Apple embrace the on-demand economy

BJ's, Starbucks, Apple, 7-Eleven, and Whole Foods among others are partnering with on-demand players like Instacart and PostMates. We dig into retailer partnerships with on-demand players using the Business Social Graph.

Midwest tech hauls in $4.4B

In partnership with Techweek, we dig into the Midwest tech scene. Funding to the region reached $4.4B in 2014, with 2015 trending higher. We highlight a number of promising early-stage Midwest companies based on their Mosaic scores, the top investors in the region, and funding trends in our Midwest Tech Report.

How to know if a big company is wasting your time

When a big company reaches out and says they'd like to partner with your startup in a way that will deliver "joint value creation," be cautious.

Ask them if they have budget to put behind it. If they don't, I can say with 98% certainty that this will be a waste of time. 

Be careful out there.

Chasing these opportunities is one mistake we made in the early days of CB Insights. I talked about some other mistakes we made building a data company at DataDriven NYC hosted by FirstMark Capital at Bloomberg last week. Here is the video.

Unbundling PetSmart

From DogBnBs to pet themed subscription boxes, here are the startups
targeting pet store chains' range of service offerings.

Another prediction joins the unicorn club

HelloFresh joined the billion dollar club today. Another one of our predictions with the New York Times that was spot on

Love ya.

P.S. Want to sell to startups? We'll show you the way  How to Sell to Startups.

Ashton Kutcher, Nas, Carmelo Anthony, and other celebrities ranked as tech investors

With their built-in PR, marketing, capital, and networks, celebrities make for powerful angel investors. See the list of most active celebrity investors.
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CB Insights Top Deal Searches

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Midwest Tech Report

This in-depth report analyzes the funding activity to the Midwest tech industry including overall financing activity, top investors, and more. Download the Midwest Tech Report.
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Mapping the largest retail partnerships with on-demand delivery startups

A growing number of top 100 retailers including Walgreens, Target, and more have partnered with startups Postmates, DoorDash, and Instacart. Read about the partnerships between top retailers and consumer startups.
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The tech startups unbundling PetSmart

Many pet startups are targeting pet store chains' range of service offerings, including dog training, day services, and boarding. See what tech startups are serving pet-centric needs.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on tech, media, what's next, and recent news.
This is why 335,000 Target workers are getting Fitbits. Target will be offering Fitbits to its employees in an attempt to improve their health and cut down on health care costs.

Udacity says it can teach tech skills to millions, and fast. The online teaching startup's "nanodegree" program lets students take their time, offers personalized grading, and rewards those who finish.
The New York Times

Tech firms venture into new territory: lending. Armed with financial data on small businesses, Intuit, PayPal, and Square ramp up loan offerings.
The Wall Street Journal

Keep the library, lose the books. A new survey finds a growing number of people think libraries should swap out print for pixels.
The Atlantic
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