Amazon's next targets. Fintech trends. Do you even keto?

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For all you public company executives, please note that artificial intelligence mentions have overtaken mentions of blockchain on quarterly earnings calls.

Please adjust your corporate strategy accordingly.

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Margin = opportunity

Throughout the 2000s, Amazon's dominance in e-commerce steamrolled retail verticals including books, music, and toys.

Today, the company's disruptive ambitions extend far beyond retail.

From pharmacies to payments to insurance, we analyze the industries Amazon will likely disrupt in the next 5 years and beyond.

Future fintech unicorns

Excited to announce a new stage highlighting fintech startups headed towards $1B valuations, aka future unicorns.

These are all companies with valuations in the hundreds of millions of $ but none yet at the $1B mark.

Here are some of the folks on the future unicorn stage:

  1. CEO & founder, Betterment (pioneer robo-advisor with $17B AUM)
  2. CEO & founder, wefox Group (Berlin-based digital platform connecting insurers and brokers with customers)
  3. Co-founder, Oriente (driving financial inclusion in the Philippines and Indonesia)  
  4. CEO, (originated $1.3B in mortgages)
  5. CEO, Acorns (helps nearly 4M people save and invest their spare change automatically)
  6. CEO, Cross River Bank (offes tech solutions for fintechs such as Affirm, Coinbase, TransferWise, and RocketLoans)
  7. CEO & co-founder, Upgrade (new lending startup founded by Lending Club founder)

Purchase your ticket here and find out how these companies plan to further disrupt financial services. Prices go up June 1. Save $500 with code futurefintechunicorns.

Give me the stats

In Q1'19, funding to VC-backed fintech companies dipped 13% while deals held strong, up 4% from the previous quarter.

For more fintech investment trends, top deals, and active investors, download our Q1 Fintech Trends 2019 Report.

Who dunnit?

RIP Dressbarn, another victim of the retail apocalypse.

 Pay up

JPMorgan is the third-largest processor of card payments for merchants in the US. Chase processed $356.5B in merchant transactions in Q1'19, a 13% year-over-year increase.

We take a look at how JPMorgan is leveraging the buy, build, partner, invest framework to grow its payments business. Clients can read about it here.

Growth spurt

We've seen Amazon make moves to disrupt retail, pharmacies, payments, and more. Could the next frontier plants?

With its successful home & garden store and its powerful warehouse network, Amazon could give online companies like The Sill a run for their money.

We take a look at how Amazon could disrupt home & gardening and 6 other industries here.

Yo bro, do you even keto?

So our news search engine confirms that the paleo diet is dead.

Long live keto.

 Step on it

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the future of the automotive industry. From HD mapping to cybersecurity to edge processing, we take a look at 70+ startups developing AI for the auto space.

Expert Intelligence clients can see them all here.

The power of partnership

Check out how Deutsche Telekom executes 100+ partnerships yearly with its group-wide partnering blueprint.

With partnerships to drive solutions with connected cars, AR, and even Netflix, Deutsche Telekom shares its secrets to success and missteps.
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The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Quartz. John Detrixhe (@johndetrixhe) reports that TransferWise is one of Europe’s 5 most valuable unicorn companies and references CB Insights data.

Marketing Dive. Lauren Manning discusses why pop-up stores could pay off for grocers and refers to CB Insights research.

Business Insider. Callum Burroughs lists the world’s top 15 unicorn hunters and cites CB Insights research.

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