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The future of athleticism

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With the IPO window seemingly open, which tech company IPO are you most bullish on?

Let’s find out.

Which of the following companies will see the largest stock price gain 1 year after their IPO? (Click on the name of the company to vote.)


We’ll reveal the results next week so you can get your buy orders in nice & early.

The best offense is a good defense

Over 800 data breaches were disclosed in 2018. Each new breach raises fears that trust in the global digital economy is eroding.

We've identified 28 early- and mid-stage startups pioneering technology that could transform cybersecurity. See them all in our Cyber Defenders 2019 report.

Slap happy

With March Madness wrapped up, we need a new sport to obsess over. How about competitive slapping?

Two players stand off at a table, and then take turns slapping each other in the face until one of them taps out — or is knocked out.

What a time to be alive.

Dmitry Kotov via Vice

I never forget a face

Most people today associate facial recognition with security and identification, like unlocking a phone or a laptop.

But the technology also has potential for more creative applications, and many companies — including Amazon — are banking on it disrupting a wide range of markets.

From retail to hospitality to gambling, we take a look at 16 industries that facial recognition could transform.

Former Enron CEO: not on the list

Jeff Skilling, the former CEO of Enron, was just released from prison after 14 years.

What’s he doing next?

Per the WSJ, he's jumping into the blockchain/crypto game.


We have a great lineup of blockchain and crypto speakers for Future of Fintech 2019 (June 11-13 NYC).

The former Enron CEO is not one of them, but our lineup is killer (not the prison kind):

  • CEO, Ripple
  • Co-founder, Circle (valuation: $3B)
  • CEO & Co-founder, Plaid (valuation: $2.65B)
  • CEO, Chainalysis
  • General Partner, Ribbit
    • Active fintech VC with investments in Robinhood and Coinbase
  • Former FDIC Chair, Sheila Bair
    • Advisor to blockchain startups such as Omniex, Spring Labs, and Paxos

These sessions are all 1:1 conversations between the speaker and a journalist. This year we have moderators from The New York Times, Financial Times, The Economist, and more.

That means they ask hard questions and get past the fluff.

There are just two months to go and tickets are selling crazy fast. Save $500 with code noJeff until April 15.

Send back your prediction of where Ripple's cryptocurrency, XRP, will be priced at market close on June 12, 2019 (Day 1 of Future of Fintech). If you purchase your ticket via this link by April 15 and you end up being correct, we’ll refund you.

 We love a challenge

Startups are jumping on the opportunity to streamline the oil and gas industry's complexities and solve its technical challenges.

From extraction to refining, we look at 45+ companies working to improve performance at every level of the oil and gas value chain. Expert Intelligence clients can see them all here.

What's your biggest flaw?

Interviewing is stressful, but with enough practice and preparation, you can set yourself up for success.

We take a look at 6 tips for engineering interviews at CB Insights. Want to put these pointers to good use? Apply to one of our open engineering positions

 It's electric

As more aggressive government incentives take hold and vehicle design continues to improve, the number of electric cars on the road will substantially increase.

From EV sharing to infrastructure to charging management, we take a look at 60+ startups driving innovation in EV technology. Clients can see them all here.


The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Fast Company. Rina Raphael (@rrrins) reports that breast-pump maker Elvie raised $42M in a Series B round and references CB Insights research.

Axios. This article highlights The New York Times and CB Insights’ list of top VCs.

Healthcare Dive. Tony Abraham (@tonyabraham) writes about academic and nonprofit hospitals looking to venture capital for testing new tech, and refers to CB Insights data.

I love you.


P.S. There are only 7 fintech startup tickets remaining for Future of Fintech. If you have less than $2M in total funding and are less than 2 years old, get your ticket here today.

P.P.S. Are you a passionate technologist who wants to work on a product that clients love? If so, we'd love to talk to you about our open engineering manager position.

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Smack 'em around. Competitive slapping is catching on in Russia.

OK, literally. The Kardashians used to be famous for being famous, but it’s becoming harder to deny their entrepreneurial skills.
New York Times

Don’t answer that. The FCC has fined robocallers over $208M, but the calls keep coming.
Wall Street Journal

#nofilter. Biochemical engineers at University College London have developed algae-coated tiles to work as living filtration systems in India.
Fast Company

In the Restricted Section. YouTube execs say the company is “like a library,” but that view might be helping fake news and conspiracy theories flourish.
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