Replaced by automation. AR/VR disruption. Ride-hailing war chests.
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Not a wedding

Hi there,

The Future of Fintech Conference is sold out.

Looking forward to seeing 1003 amazing folks tonight at The Central Park Zoo and tomorrow at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Watch the livestream here. It's gratis. (fancy word, eh?)

Be sure to follow the #FutureFintech hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

In addition to amazing speakers & moderators and an insanely senior audience, we also have a fantastic group of media outlets (US and international) attending.

State of Automation

We used US Bureau of Labor Statistics data to compile a list of occupations key to job growth in the United States. We then diagrammed the key tasks and assessed the relative level of immediate risk from automation.

10.5 million jobs are at high risk of automation, including restaurant workers, who are up against increasing investor interest in cooking robots.

Things that make you go hmmmm

Wasn't expecting this but got a couple of emails over the weekend from Future of Fintech Conference attendees asking if they can bring a +1 to The Central Park Zoo.


To be clear, the answer is no.  

Security at the Zoo is very tight so only registered attendees will be admitted.


AR/VR disruption

From media to military & defense purposes, we dive into 13 industries poised for AR/VR transformation.

Automation buzz

Media buzz around AI, robotics, and automation increased significantly towards the end of 2016. Some of the recent news in automation includes the debate on the dangers of artificial intelligence and the impact of automation on global labor markets.

Wall Street is so smart (#uglydataviz)

Ahhh. The good old value, time, long-tail graph.

And just oodles of value to be unlocked. Makes total sense.

Ride-hailing war chests

We compared the war chest of Uber against other players within the ride-hailing space. Didi Chuxing has secured a massive pool of capital — worth $16.8B — that now rivals that of its US counterpart.

Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Fortune. Barb Darrow writes about the impact of automation on jobs (according to the CB Insights State of Automation report) and quotes CB Insights analyst Deepashri Varadharajan (@deepashriv) on the subject.

CNBC. Eustance Huang writes about the changing education landscape and quotes CB Insights analyst William Altman (@altmanw) on the subject.

Elite Business Magazine. A look at the costliest startup failures of all time with a reference to CB Insights research on the subject.

Deal Street Asia. A report on startup Blockchain's latest round of financing with a mention of CB Insights investment data.


Happy Monday.

I love you.


P.S. We'll be digging into our Goldman Sachs strategy teardown tomorrow. We've been releasing some of the analysis & dataviz on Instagram already. Check us out.

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  • The Future of Fintech kicks off its opening reception tonight at the Central Park Zoo.
  • Tomorrow, join us for Day 1 at the conference at Jazz at Lincoln Center for fireside chats and panel discussions with industry leaders, investors, and startups from around the globe. If you can't make it, make sure you sign up for the livestream.
  • This Thursday, we'll be diving into IIoT and advanced manufacturing. Join us for the briefing.

The state of automation

A look at the technology, innovation, and changing employment landscape across various sectors. Get the report.
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Beyond gaming: 13 industries AR/VR is poised to transform

From real estate to the military to healthcare, startups are developing AR/VR applications across industries. See the list.
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Ride-hailing startups expand war chests to rival Uber

Uber has raised billions, but rivals now sport impressive war chests of their own as the company grapples with Travis Kalanick's departure. See the data.
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The Blurb

Some articles worth sharing.

Hustling. Founder Collective shares a few stories of entrepreneurs illustrating the power of hustle over capital.

The century of biology. Jorge Conde (@jorgeconde__) joined Vijay Pande (@vijaypande) and the a16z editorial team to discuss all things bio.

Growth. Andrew Chen (@andrewchen) on how the approach to growth should vary from startup to big co.
Andrew Chen

Uber. Amy Sun (@amysundae) on the lessons she's learned from working at Uber.
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