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An ode to Sisqo

Hi there,

Last year we launched our venture fund, ChubbyBrain Ventures.

Like all VCs, we are also top decile.

This is largely the result of our proprietary dealflow. See Exhibit A below.

Live smart

We analyzed M&A and IPO activity since 2013 among private smart home companies and created a timeline of acquisitions activity. One of this year’s notable acquisitions was Ring‘s purchase of Zonoff.

The pie chart sums to zero

I have nothing else to say.

Om nom nom

We analyzed financing trends to the food and beverage space since 2013. Deals jumped to a new high of 102, worth $350M in aggregate disclosed equity funding.

But does it use machine learning?

Hundreds of companies submit data to us via The Editor every week. Say yay for data network effects.  

It's the easiest way to get featured in our newsletter and get in front of 300,000+.

But when submitting data, don't use jargon as The Editor filters that isht out.

If you're looking for what not to do, here's an example. 

With that gibberish out of your system, go update/add your company profile or portfolio here.

That Zhong, Zhong, Zhong, Zhong, Zhong

Recently, Zhong An filed to raise $1.5B on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In light of the news, we look at the company's products, partnerships, and regulatory landscape.

SoftBank's Vision Fund

The SoftBank Vision Fund, first announced in October 2016, has now closed at least $93B of a target $100B to invest in global technology companies – making it the largest tech investment fund in history. We rounded up thoughts from top VCs and other players in the tech ecosystem in response to the fund.

Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Lend Academy. A podcast on insurtech featuring CB Insights senior analyst Matt Wong (@mlcwong).

Inc. A look at IoT startups to watch with a reference to CB Insights investment data.

Deal Street Asia. A look at the most active India tech investors with a mention of CB Insights on the subject.


Happy Monday.

I love you.


P.S. A ha! We're doing our first-ever San Francisco-based conference later this year. It'll be invite-only and amazing. Stay tuned. 

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  • We also released our 42-page LA Tech report which looks at emerging trends and investments in Los Angeles-based technology startups. Check it out.
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Smart home M&A on the upswing

Corporate acquirers in the space have included tech giants Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and Apple. See the timeline.
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Food & beverage deals hit new high

Beverage startups, including Soylent, Bulletproof, and High Brew Coffee drove much of the growth in Q2'17. See the data.
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Unpacking Zhong An’s IPO prospectus

Taking a deeper look into Shanghai-based Zhong An Insurance's products, partnerships, and regulatory landscape. Check it out.
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What the SoftBank Vision Fund means for tech investing

The world's largest-ever tech investing fund is raising concerns over deal value, volume, demand, and supply. Read about it.
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The Blurb

Some articles worth sharing.

Technologist, humanist, venture capitalists. Josh Elman (@joshelman) on why human insights are the key to the next great technology platform.

Why can't companies be as innovative as startups? Steve Blank (@sgblank) says it's because startups can do anything and companies can only do what's legal.
Steve Blank

Tech takes a while. Micah Rosenbloom (@micahjay1) on the notion that change in tech takes lots of time.

15 engineers. Derek Parham on making engineering team communication clearer, faster, better.
First Round Review
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