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Fintech Trends to Watch in 2018
A look back at fintech trends in 2017 and exploring what's ahead in 2018.

Banking Is Only The Beginning: 36 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform
Banking isn't the only industry that could be affected by blockchain tech. Law enforcement, ride hailing, and many other sectors could also have blockchain in their future.

The 2017 Global CVC Report
A comprehensive, data-driven look at global corporate venture capital activity in 2017.

Insurance Tech Q4 2017
This report takes a data-driven look at global insurance trends in 2017. This year, insurance tech saw record investment from both financial investors and (re)insurers.

AI 100: The Artificial Intelligence Startups Redefining Industries
The 100 startups on our list have raised $11.7B in aggregate funding across 367 deals.

From Wearables To Telemedicine To Direct-to-Consumer Prescriptions, Here’s How Healthcare Is Becoming Consumer-Centric
High deductible plans and new technologies are turning patients into savvy healthcare consumers, with higher expectations around service and experience. Companies are positioning themselves to take advantage of this shift.

Facebook Patents Tech To Bucket Users Into Different Social Classes
Facebook patent uses different data sources like household ownership and education to determine class.

Amazon And Alibaba Have Already Conquered Online Retail. Now They’re Coming For Offline.
Amazon and Alibaba are using technology to transform the in-store customer experience. Here's how these long-time e-commerce giants stack up offline.

The United States Of Startups: The Most Well-Funded Tech Startup In Every US State
Our map infographic shows the top tech startups in every US state, as determined by funding totals. Companies include Magic Leap, DraftKings, and Vox.

Here Are 36 Casualties Of The Retail Apocalypse And Why They Failed
Is there life after bankruptcy? A compilation of major retail bankruptcies from 2015 to today.

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