Banks pursue fintech startups. Luxury meets tech. AI trends in 2018.
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Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch In 2018
A look at 13 AI trends reshaping industries and economies.

How Blockchain Could Disrupt Banking
Blockchain is transforming everything from payments transactions to how money is raised in the private market. As it picks up momentum, will the traditional banking industry embrace this new technology or be replaced by it?

Banks Are Finally Going After Fintech Startups
The largest US banks have acquired only 18 fintech startups since 2013, but activity in the last 5 months has started picking up. In total, 2017 saw more acquisitions by top US banks than any other year.

Flatiron Health Surpasses Blue Apron As New York’s Top VC-Backed Exit
Roche's $2.1B acquisition tops the list as New York's largest VC-backed exit since 2012.

The Periodic Table Of Cloud Computing

We mapped out 100+ notable companies and investors across 9 emerging areas of cloud computing, from cloud networking technologies to cloud security solutions.

The United States Of Startups: The Most Well-Funded Tech Startup In Every US State
Our map infographic shows the top tech startups in every US state, as determined by funding totals. Companies include Magic Leap, DraftKings, and Vox.

The Future Of Luxury: 7 Trends Reshaping The Luxury Industry
Luxury is finally getting its tech upgrade. From renting designer clothes to personalized products and lab-grown diamonds, we look at 7 trends that are reshaping the luxury sector.

Amazon Just Announced Two-Hour Grocery Delivery From Whole Foods. Can Other Retailers Keep Up?
Traditional retailers like Albertsons, Walmart, and Target are clambering to acquire delivery-focused tech startups in the grocery race against Amazon.

The CPG Squeeze: With Big Retailers Pushing Private-Label Goods, Brands Are Being Forced To Respond
Stores are moving into CPG brands' turf, pushing CPG leaders to pursue new distribution strategies.

On Earnings Calls, Big Data Is Out. Execs Have AI On The Brain.

Judging by our analysis of earnings call transcripts, there's only one hyped mega-trend out there that corporate execs are worried about and that's AI. Big data's time in the corporate consciousness is ending.

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