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A note from that creepy guy

Hi there,

In August 2015, I started ending these newsletters with the words "I love you." For a B2B company, it was a bit out there since B2B often means make your content as mind-numbingly boring as possible.

But thankfully, the response to our irreverent, conversational tone and the I love yous has been almost universally positive (only 4 negative emails and I've said those words 62.3 million times at this point).

The 4th negative response came this week.

Oh well. Love ain't for everyone.

I'd also like to remind everyone of the following:

This is our last newsletter of 2016 (we'll be back next Tuesday). Thanks for reading and see you in 2017.

But before we go, below is a boatload more data. If you want to get promoted or impress the boss in 2017, give some of these a listen.

Keep it brief

We did a lot of online research briefings this year. Here were the 10 most popular. Feel free to watch and share this compilation with all your favorite (and least favorite) people.

Also, don't forget to bookmark this page to see what briefings we're scheduling for 2017.

10. Game Changing Startups
We used CB Insights data to surface over 30 companies that are solving important problems, or that are building truly innovative technology.

9. AI in Healthcare
An in-depth look at how machine learning is transforming healthcare, covering funding, deals flow, and active investors in the space.

8. Pulse of Fintech, Q3 2016
KPMG and CB Insights have teamed up to dig into the trends, investments, and players that dominated in fintech in Q3 of 2016.

7. Blockchain Trends & Applications
A look at the trends in the space, the most active VCs, and how corporates are thinking about blockchain (and more) to show you what tomorrow could look like.

6. Industrial IoT Briefing
This briefing examines investments into IoT companies targeting enterprise and heavy industry.

5. Auto Tech
We analyze the corporations working on auto tech initiatives, the startups looking to transform the future of transport, and the array of industries that face upheaval from these trends.

4. Augmented & Virtual Reality
We delve into major players in the AR and VR market, the most well-funded private companies, and how corporates are reacting to and driving M&A.

3. The Changing Landscape of Consumer Packaged Goods
A look at the major trends, investments, and players in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. 

2. State of Insurance Tech Trends
A deep-dive on the latest investment and startup formation trends across insurance tech as well as key strategic moves by (re)insurers within the space. 

1. The Future of Digital Health
This briefing focuses on the creation and utilization of patient data and how it relates to the changing landscape of healthcare, primarily within the US.

Wishing you and yours an amazing 2017.

I love you


P.S. The Future of Fintech Conference is coming to Lincoln Center. Isht just got real. Discounted tickets available for a few more days.

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