FAMGA mentions. Fastest-growing personal finance apps. Brain hacking. 

Net negative 

Hi there,

I'm a technology optimist. I suspect almost everyone at CB Insights is. 

But it's been interesting to see the increase in negative sentiment about technology and tech companies of late.

It's not something we've seen before. 

Yes, there are always people calling a bubble and making fun of trivial, over-funded apps, but overall, technology was thought of as a net positive for society.  

But given the uptick in negative sentiment, we were curious what you thought.

Which, if any, of the below companies will we look back at in 10 years and say that this company was a net negative for society, i.e. did more harm than good? (Click to vote.)

 None. All will be viewed as net positives for society


We're now ingesting earnings transcripts data for 6500+ public companies over the last 10 years and will be making them available on the CB Insights platform.

Our analysis found that Google has been supplanted by another tech company as the most talked about on earnings calls. Until 2015, as you can see below, it was pretty close amongst FAMGA. In the last 2 years, one company leaped ahead.  

See who has toppled Google here.

If you want to analyze earnings transcripts using CB Insights, sign up here.

Getting personal 

We did a huge 10,000+ word deep dive on 7 of the fastest-growing personal finance apps of all time — including Mint, Robinhood, and Credit Karma — to highlight the core strategies these companies are using to build, engage, and monetize their audience.

Self-indulgent hilarity

Nellie Bowles of the NY Times penned a fantastic article on the Esalen Institute — where Silicon Valley gets in touch with its soul. The article is in The Blurb, but I've shared a few amazing passages from it below.

First, I found this point about killing it and dying inside quite poignant.

TBH, "Connect to your inner-net" is one of the best names for a class I've ever heard.

And the class also sounds quite amazing.

After you read the article, tell us on Twitter @cbinsights what your favorite quote/passage from the article was.

Brainiac hack

“Brain hacking” has been trending, with neurotech pioneers Elon Musk of Neuralink and Bryan Johnson of Kernel revealing ambitious plans to augment human brain function with computing and artificial intelligence. We looked at the first 8 industries brain hacking will transform. 

Nice work team CBI

CB Insights is #9 on Glassdoor's Best Places To Work in 2018 in the USA. 

Yup  the USA.

In 2014, we were 21 people, and now are at 168. Growing the team (and revenue) 8x over the past 3 years while maintaining a culture centered on ambition, humility, and helpfulness to one another and to our clients is an amazing accomplishment, so congrats to the team.

We continue to hire like crazy in engineering, for our intelligence unit, and in every other group at CB Insights. Check out our long list of open positions and apply if you exhibit the 4 H's.  

The Industry Standard
CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. Lionel Laurent (@LionelRALaurent) discusses WeWork's presence in London and cites CB Insights data on WeWork's valuation

Business Insider. A look at financial trends in the US cannabis industry, with a reference to CB Insights VC funding data. 

Seeking Alpha. Kyle Fugere (@kfugere) lists potential 2018 retail trends and references CB Insights' supply chain & logistics market map

South China Morning Post. Amanda Lee (@Lee_AHY) looks at's investment in autonomous driving and cites CB Insights Chinese auto tech data. 

I love you.


P.S. Tomorrow, we're digging into our 30 Game Changing Startups of 2018. Be there for the briefing

The Blurb 

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

The algorithm made me do it. Emily Wengert on managing the algorithms that influence what kids watch.  

Good reads. Bill Gates has rounded up his top 5 books of 2017, including Matthew Desmond's Pulitzer Prize-winning "Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City," and comedian Eddie Izzard's memoir. 
Bussiness Insider

Indexing. Daniela Blei (@tothelastpage) on Carl Linnaeus, the father of biological taxonomy, and the history and politics of the index card. 
The Atlantic

Big debt. At $1.3 trillion, US student load debt now equals the size of the US high-yield corporate bond market. 

Venti sized. The world's largest Starbucks — 30,000 square feet, and decked out in copper — has just opened in Shanghai. 

Silicon soul-searching. The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California aims to help technologists who discover that "inside they're hurting." 
New York Times
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