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Startup continent

We identified the most well-funded VC-backed tech startups in the Asia-Pacific region by country based on disclosed equity funding. Six of the 17 companies featured in our map infographic are unicorns valued at $1B+.

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When raising VC is not your business model

Wade Foster of Zapier is my kind of founder.

They've raised some financing but Wade and his team haven't bought into that financing = success hype. There is a great article in The First Round Review about Zapier's one-and-done approach to fundraising in The Blurb. Check it out.

I liked this part.

It's worth remembering that money just buys you time — not an ability to execute.

We've had numerous competitors emerge who've had more funding than us and while it's annoying to have the noise in the marketplace, the reality is that they all eventually die cuz they can't or won't grind.

So go read the article about Zapier. It's a good perspective which you don't see talked about frequently enough.

Another reason the article is so good is this sentence.


Leading with exits

For the first time in two years, US tech startups are seeing aggregate exit valuations outpace funding to tech startups. At the current run-rate, 2017 will see exits increase for the second straight year, while deals are on track to decline for the third year.

Dang, k-cups are big

26% of the $11.8B US coffee market is for k-cups. Whoa.

About those unicorns

On an annual basis, the creation of private Asian companies with a valuation of a billion dollars or more has declined from its peak in 2015 and has not seen a major pickup thus far in 2017 year-to-date.

See more stats in our recently released Asia Tech Investment Report.


Cali and NY are the states with the most valuable sports teams.

Digital health trends

We analyzed deal and dollar trends on an annual and quarterly basis to the digital health sector. At the current run rate, 2017 is on track to reach over $9.4B in funding across over 1000 deals, a potential 5-year high in total funding and deals.

Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Deal Street Asia. Shiwen Yap (@shiwenyap) writes about Asian VC investment and mentions data found in the CB Insights Asia Tech Investment Report.

CNBC. Eustance Huang writes about Indian startups and the issues they are facing and quotes CB Insights research director Marcelo Ballve on the subject.

Fortune. Robert Hackett (@rhhackett) writes about investment into R3, a New York-based consortium of financial firms pushing blockchain-based software, and cites CB Insights corporate investment data into the blockchain space.

Mashable. Jason Abbruzzese (@jasonabbruzzese) on the self-driving battle between Uber and Google with a reference to CB Insights investment data.

I love you.


P.S. We'll be diving into financing trends, startups, and investors in the AR/VR space. Join us for the briefing.

The most well-funded tech startups in Asia & the Pacific

Six of the 17 companies featured in our map are unicorns valued at $1B or more. See the map.
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More money is once again flowing out of tech than in

After a few years of minimal high-value exits, there is finally more money coming out of tech than going into it. See the data.
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Asia tech investment report

A comprehensive, data-driven look at technology investment trends, top deals, active investors and strategic activity in Asia. Get the report.
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Digital health funding reaches record level

Large deals to GRAIL and Hao Daifu in Q1'17 pushed global funding up 100% over Q4'16. See the data.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

One-and-done. An interview with Wade Foster (@wadefoster), co-founder of Zapier, on how founders can be more capital efficient and why having a conservative approach to fundraising may be the best way to keep your options open.
First Round Review

Raise money when you don't need to. John Kinzer (@jkinzer) on why you should consider raising funds you might not need right now.
Think Growth

'Killing it.' Lee Hower (@leehower) on how not every startup is going to "Crush" their original milestones and financial projections.
The Mission

Unicorns. Nikesh Arora (@nikesharora) says the road to success runs through innovation, value, and scale, and not falling into the trap of "one trick pony."
NewCo Shift
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