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With the Benchmark-Kalanick feud continuing to heat up, it's good to see that the charade of founder-friendly might finally be over.

We dig into whether Benchmark is a firm founders should avoid below.

But first, some Elon Musk news.

Tesla talk

In November 2016, Elon Musk's Tesla Motors finalized its acquisition of Elon Musk's Solar City.

Today, Solar City was granted a patent which describes a way to stack solar panels and the ability to make solar panels more efficient and longer-lasting.

Clients can use our patent search engine to see all of Tesla's patents here.

Kids "R" Us

We looked at the most active investors in baby and kids tech since 2013. The top investor, 500 Startups, has made 12 unique investments in the space.

Fintech financing

We analyzed financing trends to global VC-backed fintech startups since 2012. Q2'17 saw a quarterly funding record, rising 83% to reach $5.2B.

Your VC friends

I often hear VCs give advice to founders saying things like they "should not optimize for valuation." On the flipside, they will talk about their % ownership targets in the companies they invest in at various stages.

It's a strange phenomena.

The VCs that a founder is ultimately negotiating with are giving advice, and in many cases, founders seem keen to take it without realizing or reflecting on the fact that their interests may sometimes, but not always, be aligned.

A big part of this seems to be driven by the "founder-friendly" VC marketing campaign which has positioned VCs as your friends (and not just your financiers).

With the recent hullabaloo about Benchmark's actions against Uber founder Travis Kalanick, we saw some questions from founders asking if Benchmark is still a top-tier fund.

So we thought we'd offer a data-driven view.

Q&A time

We sat down with Oak HC/FT managing partner Annie Lamont and general partner Andrew Adams to discuss trends in digital health. The conversation covers everything from regulation, to areas of opportunity vs. hype, to the potential for AI, and more.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Wired. Eleanor Peake (@_epeake) writes about Chinese unicorns and cites CB Insights unicorn data.

Reuters. Melissa Wen on the food delivery industry with a reference to CB Insights funding data.

Modern Healthcare. Caroline Lewis writes about mental health startup AbleTo's new round of financing and quotes CB Insights analyst Nikhil Krishnan (@nikillinit) on the subject.

I love you.


P.S. We're bringing together senior strategy, M&A, and investment professionals involved in insurance and tangential industries on October 2nd in Las Vegas, NV. Request an invite here.

Tesla Motors’ solar roof patent reveals a more efficient, longer lasting solar panel

The latest patent granted to Elon Musk's electric-car maker (and Solar Roof seller) Tesla provides some clues into the company’s approach to solar panel manufacturing. The patent comes to Tesla from SolarCity, which it acquired last year. Read about it.
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The top investors seizing the baby & kid tech opportunity

California-based early-stage seed fund 500 Startups leads the way as the most active investor in baby and kid tech since 2013. See the rankings.
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Fintech funding and deals on pace for a record year

VC-backed fintech companies raised record funds last quarter and saw a string of fintech unicorn births, including Robinhood, Clover Health, and more. See the data.
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Annie Lamont & Andrew Adams of Oak HC/FT on AI, regulation, corporations, and more

Annie Lamont and Andrew Adams of Oak HC/FT have been investing in digital health since the 2000s and spun out Oak HC/FT to invest more directly in the space. We talked about trends they're seeing.
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