Tech redesigns fashion. Race for AI startups. Blockchain simplifies things.

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A new podcast episode and a new clients-only event below, but first...

Yesterday's newsletter used some salty language that I tried to hide with Pig Latin, but clearly technology has gotten quite good.

And so many of you still didn't get it. 

So here it is

Fashion forward

At approximately $2.4T, the fashion sector is one of the world's largest industries. Fashion and innovation have always gone hand-in-hand, and now tech is transforming the industry faster than ever.

Our new 6,900-word Future of Fashion Report looks at the trends redesigning fashion, from sewing robots to style-predicting AI algorithms to VR mirrors in dressing rooms.

Crimes against data viz

This network graph certainly is explosive.

I like that the title of this slide includes the word "summary."

Thanks to our newsletter subscriber Daniel from NY for sending this.

Going my way?

Uber's latest patents, acquired as part of a patent-buying spree, suggest a possible matchmaking future. One patent granted today details a "physical object-based people matching method, system, and device."

The system describes gathering user data, from common interests, location, and even heart rate to recommend a similar user as a match.

Startup failure theater

Some of you didn't agree with my view in yesterday's newsletter that startup failures should not be celebrated.

The counter-argument put forward was that the celebration of failure encourages more folks to be founders.

Fair point, perhaps.

Here's another probably unpopular opinion. 

Maybe everyone shouldn't be a founder?

AI mad dash

Big corporations across all industries are working to integrate machine learning into their products. Meanwhile, there's a shortage of AI talent. 

As a result, big tech companies are in a heated race to snag top AI startups. There have already been 8 acquisitions this year. For more, check out our update on the Race for AI.

There's got to be a better way

Many corporations still work with systems of fax machines, paper copies, and siloed databases spread out across different countries and contractors — complicated stuff.

Enter blockchain. We take a look at corporations and other organizations that are piloting blockchains and distributed ledgers to simplify things.

For cluck's sake

Supply chain issues led to KFC's chicken shortage in the UK last week, resulting in hungry customers freaking out and KFC issuing a full-page apology newspaper ad.

We previously took a look at how blockchain could transform the supply chain, from efficiency and transparency to food safety.

Podcast: Mullenweg on platforms and net neutrality

This week’s CB Insights podcast features a conversation Reuters’ Jonathan Weber had with WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg.

The interview was recorded in December, but covers a lot of ground in today’s headlines — nearing the end of big platforms, net neutrality, and more.

Find the CB Insights Podcast on iTunes or listen here on Soundcloud.

PoV Briefing — for CBI clients’ eyes only

At our Point of View (PoV): Mobility briefing March 29th in NYC, we’ll dig into how technology is changing the inside and outside of the car. We’ll also look at what that means for insurers and for cities.

It’s a live briefing.

In person.


The day before the New York International Auto Show opens.

And for clients only.

This event will not be streamed.

RSVP here.

Note: Did we mention this is completely complimentary?


The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Forbes. Parmy Olson (@parmy) writes about AI-powered facial recognition systems’ issues with identifying non-male, non-white faces and references CB Insights research.
Times of Israel. Urvashi Verma (@urvashireports) reports that AI developed by an Israeli startup analyzes legal documents faster and with greater accuracy than experienced lawyers and cites CB Insights legal tech research.
Techworld. Thomas Macaulay (@thomas_macaulay) profiles 16 robotics startups in the UK and refers to CB Insights robotics research.

I love you.


P.S. Join us on March 1 as we dive into this year's wealth tech trends. Sign up for the briefing here.

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Carry on my legacy. Dropbox’s success or failure following its IPO will reflect on Y Combinator.
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Ruffled feathers. Logistics problems led to last week's KFC chicken shortage in the UK.
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Pay per ray. Mastercard is partnering with M-KOPA solar, banks, and mobile network operators to test pay-as-you-go for solar energy in Africa.
What women want. CEO of Occidental Petroleum Corp. Vicki Hollub says that when it comes to careers, women want a fair chance to climb the corporate ladder.
Clogged. Studies show that ride-hailing companies are making city streets more congested.
AP News
Well, bye! Elon Musk is leaving the board of a non-profit AI research company he co-founded due to potential conflicts with his ongoing work at Tesla.
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