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That's the only way to describe an AI application created in New Zealand that messes with email scammers.

Here's how it works.

And here is an example of a great email it sends to these scammers.

Check out The Blurb for the full article and start using this when you get emails from scam artists.

h/t to subscriber - Nik Milanovic

Meat your match

We dug into some of the major trends in the growing meatless industry, from startups to watch, to key investors, to future trends and challenges.

Going forward, the meat value chain could be simplified dramatically, as the “clean meat” lab or factory could take the place of farms, feed lots, and slaughterhouses.

Especially vulnerable to these changes are food companies such as Tyson, Pilgrim’s, and Sanderson Farms, which rely on meat products for 80% or more of their revenue, as seen below.

Secret startups

Excited to announce that we’ve confirmed the final 40 startups that will present on December 12 at Demo Day during the CB Insights A-ha! Conference in San Francisco.

We’re waiting until the event to do the big reveal of which companies we’ve chosen.

Here’s a little insight into what to expect:

  • 90% have taken on angel or venture investment
  • 80% of the companies are generating revenue
  • 10 companies will present from each category (fintech, AI, health, and discovery)
  • 8 countries outside of the US will be represented

Offering a sweet deal — 2 tickets for $1990. Good until end of week.

Or use code secretstartups to save $500 off your ticket.

Feel the flow

Lots of colors ✔️
Use of bold ✔️
Confusing AF ✔️

h/t to subscriber - Joe Heade

The digital hospital

We identified over 100 private digital health companies that have a direct impact on hospital care and mapped them according to 14 categories within the space. Among other initiatives, these companies are changing the way referrals are processed, medication is delivered, and medical records are stored.

For sure, it's a yes

This clears it up.

h/t to subscriber - Sander Gansen

Regtech 101

We looked at the drivers behind the rise of regtech and highlighted companies creating regtech solutions to meet specific regulatory challenges.

There are over 750 regulators globally issuing on average 201 daily regulatory alerts. The regulatory calendar captures the major regulations on the horizon for the next 5 years; however, the list could grow as new legislation is passed.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. Alfred Liu (@alfredliuhk) writes about fintech firm WeLab's latest round of funding and references CB Insights unicorn data.

Financial Times. Izabella Kaminska (@izakaminska) on when AI becomes too big to fail with a reference to CB Insights acquisitions data.

Investopedia. A look at Fidelity Investments' bet on real estate startup Compass with a mention of CB Insights investment data.

I love you.


P.S. We'll be diving into Airbnb's strategy next week. Make sure you sign up for the briefing.

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Email scammers beware. This AI bot messes with email scammers for as long as possible.

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