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So many WTFs

Hi there,

AI/machine learning is hard.

We get it. 

Here's one example.  

Distinguishing a chihuahua from a muffin.

Shop til you drop

We identified startups enhancing the in-store experience with digital tools. Our market map spans companies targeting retailers broadly, including apparel and luxury retailers, grocery stores, and department stores.

Machine learning is hard part II

Another example of ML is hard from LinkedIn.

Here's a job opportunity I got this month.

Cybersecurity highs

We took a look at cybersecurity funding trends since 2013. Q1'17 saw a record number of deals across the time period, reaching 139 deals across $866M.

The unbundling of banking

Paytm, the private Indian mobile payment unicorn, is now coming for the banks.

Founder/CEO Vijay Shekhar recently highlighted the launch of Paytm Bank.

Shekhar will be joining us at The Future of Fintech where we've now got a whole lot to talk about.

We'll talk about Paytm's banking ambitions, its rumored $1.5B raise from Softbank (valuing it at $7B), its relationship with Alibaba, and more.

Use the code bankbust for $1500 off tickets through today.

Blockchain insights

As Q1’17 saw blockchain startup investment deals rise for the third consecutive quarter and funding rebound after a three-quarter drop, much of the enterprise and corporate growth is taking place at the consortia and project level. 

We dive into this and more in our corporates in blockchain briefing tomorrow.

Except for this, he's really a good dude

Hacker News comments are a treasure trove of inane.

Sometimes, however, they're downright scary.

Witness this posting where someone learns that a friend has a slave.

Yes you read that right.

And yes, it's 2017. (see The Blurb)

This is WTF moment #1.

He then goes onto explain how he is uncomfortable bringing it up with his friend presumably due to lack of a spine.

WTF moment #2.

He finally goes onto say that his friend is an "otherwise ordinary western educated person -in fact a feminist, globalist, left-leaning idealist."

WTF moment #3.

Later in the thread, he says "Actually I find it comforting that there is at least some sympathy for my predicament."

His predicament?

WTF moment #4.

RX, stat

We identified 12 companies that are working to get prescription drugs into our hands with less friction while also saving us a trip to the physical pharmacy.

You can find all the startups mentioned and more in our digital health Collection on the CB Insights platform.

Kneel before the scape of scapes.

We've officially hit peak market landscape.

Note: This was most definitely not created by us.

Note 2: My condolences to the Harvard or Stanford-educated analyst who had to copy/paste images from Google image search to assemble this monstrosity.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. Matthew Boyle (@bizboyle) says Target is losing the battle to Walmart and cites CB Insights patents data.

Forbes. David Shaywitz (@dshaywitz) on why AI and healthcare must "learn to play together" with a reference to CB Insights Trends data.

Deal Street Asia. Shawn Yap (@shiwenyap) on Singapore-based ed tech startup Cialfo with a mention of CB Insights investment data.

I love you.


P.S. We'll be 
digging into wealth tech trends next Tuesday. Join us for the briefing.
Geographic Spotlight
Silicon Valley doesn't have a monopoly on innovation. Here's a look at startups, emerging industries, and deals elsewhere in the US and the world.

Australia is known for the $1.1B IPO of collaboration and work tools developer Atlassian in 2015. Other companies to come out of Australia include CoinJar, a consumer-oriented bitcoin wallet and exchange, also found on our global bitcoin & blockchain market mapRedback Technologies, focused on development of advanced, low-cost solar solutions; and HealthEngine, a site to find and book health practitioners, also one of three notable Australian companies listed on our global map of digital health startups. There were over 205 deals to VC-backed companies in Australia in the last year. Here are 5 of the most notable.
  • Deputy, an online scheduling service, raised $25M in Series A funding from OpenView Venture Partners.
  • SafetyCulture, an HR tech platform focused on safety and quality, raised a second $23M tranche of Series B funding. Investors in the round included Blackbird Ventures and Index Ventures.
  • HealthEngine raised a $20.2M Series C round. Investors in the round included Sequoia Capital India, Alium Capital, and Lux Group.
  • Prospa, provider of business loans, raised a $19.3M Series C from AirTree Ventures.
  • Airtasker, an online marketplace for outsourcing short-term jobs, raised $16.4M in Series B funding from Seven West Media.

Over 150 startups transforming brick-and-mortar retail in one infographic

Startups are outfitting retailers with augmented reality, beacons, wearables, and more to bridge the gap between digital and physical shopping. See the market map.
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Cybersecurity hits another record high, as deals keep pace with times

Q1'17 was the most active quarter for deals to private cybersecurity companies over the last five years. See the data.
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12 companies working in prescription drugs distribution

From on-demand delivery of prescriptions to virtual pharmacists, startups are transforming the distribution of medicine to those who need it. See the list.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

SaaS and VC. Christoph Janz (@chrija) on the growing dissonance between the two business models.
The Angel VC

From jobs to flying cars. An interview with Marc Andreessen on two major narratives dominating discussions about the tech industry right now.

How to invent the future. Alan Kay shares his story and how to think about building for the future.
Y Combinator

My friend has a slave. The most absurd comment on Hacker News we've ever seen.
Hacker News

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