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Great news. More #f'n #influencers.

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A few days ago, Mashable detailed an underground Instagram economy that allows people and brands to pay thousands of dollars to intermediaries and Instagram employees to become Instagram verified (see The Blurb for article).

Yes — becoming an influencer is potentially good for biz (or your ego).

Now, we've found that Google and Microsoft are working on software and algorithms to identify influencers, thoughtleaders, and trendsetters of all types.

(BTW, Google — what happened to "don't be evil?")

We dig into Microsoft/Google's influencer tech here.

PSA: If your Twitter or Instagram bio uses 2 or more of these hashtags (#influencer, #thoughtleader, #futurist), you are none of the above.

The crypto boiler room

Our first office was next to a "boiler room."

The boiler room was a motley group of scumbag guys (they were all guys) who'd call old people trying to bilk them out of their retirement money by having them invest in garbage penny stocks. We'd hear them talking to people on the phone saying things like "Listen. Nobody ever got hurt jumping out of a basement window."

Now, ICOs — tech friendly penny stocks — are getting into the pump & dump scheme with an equally savory cast of characters.

Israeli AR/VR Market Map

Part of the reason CB Insights has the best data in the business is the data network effect that we've established.

We now get a lot of our data submitted to us.

One example is a recent partnership with The Government of Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast.

Combining their data with what we already have, we put together this market map of Israel-based augmented reality and virtual reality startups.

Lots of names you haven't heard before.

We've only released it on our Facebook page, and you can see it here.

We're releasing more research and market maps exclusively on Facebook, so be sure to like the CBI Facebook page.

Special thanks to Ethan Goldspiel of The Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast for helping make this happen.

Raise the roof

As football season (of the American variety) approaches, please note that this image makes it official that "dabbing" is over.

Race to the finish line

We analyzed exits in fitness tech since 2013. The fitness industry has seen diverse acquirers including private equity firms, gyms, sports retailers, apparel brands, individuals and more.

Feeding the future

We highlighted startups working on indoor farming technologies in our recent Feeding the Future report. These startups — including BrightFarms featured below — are using AI, IoT, and other new tools along with hydroponic and aeroponic growing methods.

For a full list of the companies included in our report, check out the Feeding the Future Collection on the CB Insights platform.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

South China Morning Post. A look at the tech opportunity present in China — despite strict internet regulations — with a reference to CB Insights valuation data.

CNBC. Uptin Saiidi (@uptin) writes about the growth of coworking spaces and cites CB Insights valuation data.

Supply Chain Dive. Jennifer McKevitt (@mckvt) reports on investment in the meal delivery and grocery delivery space and refers to CB Insights data on the subject.

I love you.


P.S. This Thursday, we're digging into tech investing in Southeast Asia. Be there.

Google & Microsoft are building software to identify influencers and trendsetters

New patents aim to identify and encourage online experts and influencers — with implications for brands and content creators. Check them out.
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75+ AR/VR startups based in Israel

With startups that run the gamut from gaming platforms to VR-enhanced surgery tools, Israel has proven itself an important hub for AR/VR tech. See the market map.
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Facebook, Hyatt, Weight Watchers, and others are scooping up fitness tech startups

Acquirers in the fitness tech space range far and wide. 2017 has seen 15 exits thus far. See the timeline.
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Game-changing startups support indoor farming

High-momentum startups like Bowery and Bright Farms are shortening supply chains with modular, tech-enabled indoor farms. See the list.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Inside the black market. Kerry Flynn (@kerrymflynn) digs into the market for buying and selling Instagram verification.

Tokens at the gate. Noah Jessop (@njess) on what's coming after the ICOs.

The fraud curve. Josh Breinlinger (@jbreinlinger) on the “right” levels of fraud and when and how to combat it.
A Crowded Space

Simple, lovable, and complete. Jason Cohen (@asmartbear) offers a way to build and validate products.
A Smart Bear

9 to 5 is for losers. Dan Lyons (@realdanlyons) says much of Silicon Valley is branding workaholism as a desirable lifestyle choice. 
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