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Alright sports fans, the Sweet 16 of the VC tournament has concluded. Results are below, and the next round has some insanely hard-to-call match-ups.

Love is in the air

For about 9 months, I've been signing off on this newsletter with the words "I love you" or some derivative of it. It started as an experiment and we've kept it because those simple 3 words have resulted in a ton of amazing conversations with smart, funny folks who see it and feel compelled to respond.

Last week, I closed a large deal with a European company that came via an introduction of a newsletter subscriber who I'd never met. He just wrote back to the newsletter and said that he loves me and the newsletter and wondered if I'd be interested in an introduction to a particular person he knows at said large European company. (And yes
he used the double opt-in intro.)

I said yes, the introduction was made, and the deal eventually happened.

This was the first time something like this happened, but wow.

Love wins :)

Mashable peeps

If you were laid off at Mashable and are interested in tech, venture, and data, we're looking for 15 folks on our research/analyst team as well as a research editor.

Reach out as I'd love to chat.

HR highs

We dig into funding trends, most well-funded companies, and active VC investors in HR tech. Although funding slipped during the second half of 2015, Q1'16 yielded 106 deals and $591M in funding.

Employee #6

So our 6th employee and 1st product manager at CB Insights just relocated to Boulder, and we sadly have no office there (yet). So, she is looking for an amazing startup to join. She is an absolute star on the data and product fronts.

If you are worthy, email, and we will forward it to her.

Look Mom
No Microsoft Excel

We analyzed financing and M&A trends to the virtual reality space in 15 seconds with our just launched Custom Charts.

The CB Insights' assault on data janitor work continues.

The must-have t-shirt of 2016

Get these in the Cayman Islands or Bermuda while there are still some left.


One of my colleagues at CB Insights had her email hacked so you may have gotten a shady looking Google Doc from someone on our team yesterday.

Don't open it. The invoice it comes with is fake.

However, if you'd like to send us money, please reply to me asap.

Stay classy

We created a public company list called "ASU GSV Summit 2016" in our database to help track companies that will be present at the ASU GSV Ed Tech Summit in San Diego from April 18-20.

We highlight 13 of these high-flying companies, including Tynker shown below, and look at their funding numbers and select investors involved.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Retail Dive. The expense of providing on-demand delivery is taking its toll. Daphne Howland (@RetailDive) cites CB Insights funding data in her report on how startups are surviving, or not.
Digital Transactions. Venture capital is still flowing to payments startups, reports John Stewart (@DTPaymentNews), using recent CB Insights fintech research.
Techcrunch. Ground-based robot couriers could be the next big thing, says Connie Loizos (@cookie), with a reference to CB Insights data on funding to drone companies.
Forbes. Angad Singh Thakur (@angadthakur) talks with Sandeep Murthy of Lightbox Ventures about how he picks future unicorns, citing the CB Insights Unicorn Tracker.

Institutional Investor. A new report by David Teten and the Disrupt Invest team (@DisruptInvest) rings the alarm on the asset management industry, referencing CB Insights & KPMG’s Pulse of Fintech report.

VC March Madness — The Elite 8 is underway

Round 3 of the Series A VC tournament is in the books, and Round 4 will feature some of the heavyweights in VC going head-to-head.

  1. Sequoia vs Google Ventures
  2. Andreessen Horowitz vs Greylock
  3. First Round Capital vs Bessemer
  4. Union Square Ventures vs Foundry Group

The Elite 8 closes on April 17th so vote today for which investor you'd want in your Series A

An inside view on M&A gone bad

M&A integration is probably always difficult, but it's rare to see the dirty laundry aired as publicly as we're seeing happen in the fallout after Google's acquisitions of Nest and Dropcam.

Here is Greg Duffy, the founder and CEO of Dropcam, sharing his views on the deal and subsequent fallout.

Blockchain blockbusters

We look at the five largest deals in the bitcoin and blockchain space by year and the amount of funding consumed by rounds involving corporate investors. 

I love you.


P.S. We have upcoming webinars on industrial IoT and the changing landscape of CPG. Don't miss out.


HR tech roars backs as deal activity ties all-time high

HR tech funding recovered in Q1'16 after tapering off in the second half of 2015. 500 Startups and NEA are the most active VC investors to date. See the data.
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High-momentum companies to watch at the ASU GDV Ed Tech Summit 2016

With hundreds of companies to see at ASU-GSV, we used CB Insights data and Mosaic scores to make your life easier. See the list.
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Corporates increasingly involved in the largest bitcoin and blockchain deals

All of 2015's largest blockchain and bitcoin deals involved corporates and strategics. See the list.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

Terms of endearment. Indra Nooyi (@indranooyi) condemns the use of terms of endearment in the workplace and talks about how she avoids using the phrase "have it all."


The four tiers of engagement. Reid Hoffman (@reidhoffman) dives into what Silicon Valley has taught him about collaboration and time management.
LinkedIn Pulse

GMV. Josh Breinlinger (@jbreinlinger) says gross merchandise value (GMV) is not created equal, where some GMV builds enduring value and some is fleeting.
A Crowded Space

Watches, wrists, and wearables. Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) believes wearables will be a big category but that there won't be one iconic device that dominates like the iPhone dominates smartphones in the US.

Access to venture capital deals. Jeffrey Carter (@pointsnfigures) thinks anyone should be free to invest their own money in whatever they want to invest in, without regulation.
Points and Figures

How to beat Michael Jordan at sports. Brad Feld (@bfeld) uses Michael Jordan as a way to explain that if you aren't number 1 or 2 in a given space, you should play a different game/enter a different market.
Feld Thoughts

Robots. Daniel Kahneman speculates that as robots become more of a presence, CEOs might one day join the endangered species list.

Splitting equity. Elizabeth Yin (@dunkhippo33) answers a question on how to split equity with co-founders and how that impacts raising a seed round.
Elizabeth Yin

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