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The end of soft landings

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Lee Fixel of Tiger Global is said to be slowing the firm's investment pace in India and Tiger's reduced involvement in new deals shows that the slowdown, while not dramatic, has begun.

Where startups go to retire

Back in the day, if you were a smart team of engineers with a startup that never became a real business, you could get "acquired" for the team's talent.

These came to be known as acqui-hires. And they were viewed quite favorably.
  1. Investors recouped some of their money
  2. Startup founders could brag about being acquired
  3. Big corporations got access to entrepreneurially-minded talent
Acqui-hires were usually of early-stage companies as we've previously detailed.

In addition to the assumed financial and strategic benefits, acqui-hires, when announced, kicked off a ton of self-congratulatory tweets. There were plenty of "kudos," "being humbled," and "thank yous" for everyone.

the good times. 

It looks like that party is over.

Yahoo was the most prolific acqui-hirer and has stopped altogether. Sarah Frier and Selina Wang of Bloomberg used our data to discuss the end of Yahoo's acqui-hire binge.

And Dropbox, which was the leader among startups acquiring startups, is slowing down as well. Last week's shuttering of Carousel and Mailbox coupled with Dropbox's overvaluation suggest a return to the core as suggested in this VentureBeat article by Hightail COO, Mike Trigg (which also features CB Insights data).

And the other big 3 of acqui-hirers
Google, Facebook, and Twitter  have all greatly reduced their pace of activity as well. We offer up some more data and graphs in this tweetstorm about 2015 marking the end of the acqui-hire.

Corporates loving payments

Corporate VC and corporate minority investments into the payments space are accelerating. The most active corporates in the space include unsurprising names like American Express, Visa, and Mastercard.

However, the most active investor in the space is a Silicon Valley tech giant (not Google) as you'll see in this analysis.

The Chinese are coming

they're not.

So confused.

The top investors in tech exits

Although Q3 was sluggish for tech exit activity, SV Angel was the top VC and Intel Capital was the top corporate VC with the most exits. We break down the full list of top investors.

From the news

As the authority on private company and emerging industry data, we are glad to work with leading media outlets to help them with things they are working on.

Here are some folks who cited CB Insights data in a wide variety of articles.

TechCrunch's Katie Roof and Alex Wilhelm highlight why 2015 was the worst year for tech IPOs since 2009.

Bloomberg's Alex Barinka and Dina Bass talk about Atlassian's IPO performance and feature great commentary from our own Matt Wong who offered up this money quote.

Reuters' Paul Carsten uses our China unicorn data to discuss the coming wave of unicorpses in the Chinese online-to-offline (O2O) sector.

The Wall Street Journal's Don Clark cites our Internet of Things data in this article on business/enterprise applications of IoT devices.

Fortune Magazine's Jen Wieczner cites our fin tech data in her analysis of how hedge funds are using social media as a signal in investment decisions.

Sarah Lacy of Pando uses our survey data in this detailed view into why there will be more unicorns next year than there were in 2015.

Inc. Magazine's John Rampton uses our data on startup failure to help entrepreneurs figure out if their next idea is a winner or epic loser.

Gina Hall of The Silicon Valley Business Journal analyzes our data on the investment pace of smart VC investors.

Love you,

P.S. Growing a SaaS business quickly doesn't require that you burn money. Don't let knuckleheads tell you different.

58 startups reshaping how property is bought, sold, and managed

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Tiger Global slows investments in Indian startups

The data helps confirm recent news that Tiger Global is slowing their investment pace in India.
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Corporate financing to payments startups explodes

Corporates and corporate venture capital arms including payment giants like American Express Ventures, Visa, and MasterCard Worldwide are investing more heavily in payments technology. See the data.
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SV Angel and Intel Capital are among the top investors for tech exits this year

Google Ventures and Salesforce Ventures round out the top 3 spots after Intel, among corporate VCs. See the list of top VC investors in exited tech companies.
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Notable Deals From This Past Week

We tracked 569 financings and exits totaling $3.6B in the last week. Here are 10 notable deals. To see them all, login to CB Insights or create an account here.

1. Atlassian raises $462M IPO
The Australia-based enterprise software company went public this week and is the the last IPO slated for 2015 in the U.S. The IPO is being called a success in an otherwise dim IPO market; The stock climbed 32% to $27.78 after pricing above the projected range on Wednesday, at $21 a share.

2. O3b Networks raises $460M Series H round
The satellite service provider plans to use the funds to expand its satellite count from 12 to 20. O3b began full commercial operations in September 2014 and has since become the fastest-growing satellite operator in history.

3. Oil and gas operator Lola Energy raises $250M
The equity commitment came from Denham Capital, and the funds will be used to lease properties and explore for oil and gas in the Utica and Marcellus shale formations.

4. Disney doubles down on Vice Media with $200M investment
The Walt Disney Company invested a second $200M, after previously investing $200M in November. The youth-focused media company, now valued at $4B, is preparing its first cable television channel.

5. Purplebricks raises $87M with IPO
The UK-based real estate tech company went public at a $362M valuation. The largest single stake is held by Woodford Investment Fund and Woodford Patient Capital Trust.

6. Test-prep company Xiaozhan Jiaoyu raises $84M Series C
The China-based company raised from Sequoia Capital and GGV Capital, among other investors. The round follows a $29 Series B that the company raised in Q1'15.

7. Cybersecurity company ForeScout technologies raises $75M in growth equity
The Campbell, CA-based IT security firm raised capital from Amadeus Capital Partners, Aspect Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, and Pitango Venture Capital.

8. One Medical Group raises $65M Series H
The primary care system raised from AARP Innovation Fund and Google Ventures, among others.

9. E-sports streaming site Azubu raises $60M
The company streams events that include "League of Legends" video gaming competitions. According to a press release from Azubu, eSports livestreams are the fastest-growing sector in media today, reaching up to 100 million viewers per month.

10. Allena Pharma raises $53M Series C round
The Newton Lower Falls, MA-based pharma company plans to use the capital to advance its lead product candidate, a kidney stone treatment, into Phase 3 clinical trials.



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