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Hi there,

Alright, today we're going to show startups how to get into CB Insights market maps and research with our first-ever "call for startups."

But first...

Uber is getting some well-deserved isht for its workplace culture. I'm also seeing more blog posts from pundits who also just suddenly realized they don't believe in its biz model. Everyone is jones'ing for those retweets and thought leadership points.

Top VCs in the world

So we have already had a few hundred VCs submit data for our rankings with The New York Times.

If history is any indication, tonight will see a couple thousand submissions given the deadline is tomorrow. See — even VCs wait till the last minute.

You can submit your data here.

Here is last year's top 5.

Startups on the block

We identified 95 bitcoin and blockchain startups and organized them into ten categories, based on each company’s primary product, line of business, and/or use case.

Straight cash homey

If you're giving gifts to US millennials, they prefer cash. Indian and Chinese millennials prefer jewelry.

I'm a non-millennial Indian and am good with cash or jewelry. Please send to the CB Insights office. Thanks.



The Citi Tech for Integrity Challenge (“T4I”) is an open innovation program and competition to identify the best technology solutions to promote integrity, transparency and accountability around the world.

Participants have the opportunity to showcase their solutions at one of the 6 demo days to an exclusive group of C-level executives. There is no cost to apply/participate, and finalists have the opportunity to win cash prizes and potential pilot programs.

Apply Now @

Call for startups: AR/VR (aka get into our research)

Every time we do a market map, we get lots of emails from founders and investors saying we should have included them.

And now, we're going to show you how to increase your chances of getting included.

But first, what not to do.

Do not request a call to do a briefing with our analysts. We don't do briefings.

The way to get in is by getting into the CB Insights platform. Yes — the way to our hearts is data.

And so going forward, we'll give you a heads up about upcoming market maps and analyses we're working on, and you can submit your data in response.

Our first call for startups is focused on AR/VR. Go here to submit your data.

Ways to increase your odds:

  • Completely fill out your profile.
  • Don't use marketing jargon. If you are 10 people, don't say you're the "world leading" or use words like disruptive, innovative, etc.
  • Clearly explain what your company & product does and your business model
  • Provide evidence of data that you submit, i.e. for a funding round, you should provide filings, articles, etc.
  • Don't email us every 3 days asking if your profile was approved.

Again, if you're doing work in AR/VR and think you should be part of our upcoming market map, submit or update your profile here.

Pretty please

We look at financing to beauty and cosmetics startups since 2012. Beauty and grooming startups hit a record high in deals in 2016 at 112, two more than they saw in 2015.

Tick tock

On March 1st, ticket prices go up for the 2nd time this month for The Future of Fintech Conference. Use the code NLFintech17 to get $1000 off through February 28th.

We've got more fintech unicorn founders & CEOs than you'll know what to do with (Palantir, Paytm, Credit Karma, Oscar, Kabbage). The entire speaker lineup (now 30) is amazing and there are many more surprises in-store.

Get your tix here.

Flow rida

When looking at mutual funds and ETFs by expense ratio, cheaper is winning.

Moving on down

We analyzed exit trends in the medical device industry since 2012. In 2016, first exits of medical device companies saw a nearly 20% decline from 123 in 2015 to 99 in 2016.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

New York Times. Nathaniel Popper (@nathanielpopper) writes about the shift from trying to upend banks to working with them and cites CB Insights data on fintech startups.

Deal Street Asia. Ishita Russell (@ishitarussell) reports on corporate VC funding in Asia and references the CB Insights 2016 Corporate Venture Capital report.

CNBC. Anita Balakrishnan (@msabalakrishnan) writes about how the accusations of bias at Uber could challenge IPO prospects and cites CB Insights valuation data.

Silicon Republic. Colm Gorey (@colmgorey) digs into global corporate VC funding and refers to data found in the CB Insights 2016 Corporate Venture Capital Report.

I love you.


P.S. We'll be diving into startups and investors in the electric vehicles space on Tuesday, February 28th. Sign up for the briefing.

95 bitcoin & blockchain startups in one market map

Bitcoin and blockchain companies are popping up in numerous sectors, including financial services, social, intellectual property, and IoT. See the market map.
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Beauty & grooming startups eke out record deal high in 2016

Despite the slight bump in deals, funding has declined for the last two years. Read about it.
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Medical device IPOs tumble after capstone year in 2015

IPOs were down 50% in 2016. The year saw 9 medical device IPOs and 90 M&As. See the data.
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