Regtech 101. Auto suppliers in the private market. Oscar strategy teardown.
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Our Meatless Future: How The $90B Global Meat Market Gets Disrupted
Will a meatless food industry featuring lab-grown meat, seafood substitutes, and insect protein be the future of food? Food giants from Tyson to Cargill are working to navigate a future where protein isn't dominated by traditional animal sources. 

The United States Of Fintech: The Most Well-Funded Fintech Startup In Each State
We mapped the most well-funded fintech startup in each US state. California, New York, Illinois, Georgia, and North Carolina's most well-funded fintech startups are all valued above $1B.

Regtech 101: What It Is, Why Now, & Why It Matters
Regtech startups are saving firms billions in regulatory fines and displacing manual risk and compliance with cutting-edge technology.

This European Discount Grocer Is Going After The $608B US Supermarket Industry
A German discount grocer has its sights set on a $5B US expansion. If it fulfills those plans, Aldi will be the third-largest grocer in the US by store locations by 2022.

Where Auto Suppliers Are Making Private Market Bets In Sensors, Self-Driving, & Cybersecurity
We dig into the ramp-up in private markets activity by major automotive suppliers like Bosch, Delphi, Continental, and more.

Square Patent Suggests Potential Move Into Crowdfunding
Your coffee shop's next espresso machine might be crowdfunded by Square.

Here’s Every Area Where Facebook Is Hiring As It Seeks To Future-Proof Itself
Facebook is doubling down on product innovation hires as it bulks up for a future in which VR and AR play a large role in social experiences. With government scrutiny increasing, policy and legal hires are also being prioritized.

Expanding Horizons: Corporate Investors Bet On Travel Tech
Travel incumbents facing disruption are stepping up their game by backing a record number of travel tech startups, alongside other corporate investors.

Oscar Strategy Teardown: How the Health Insurer Is Beginning To Hedge Against Obamacare
Oscar has tried to disrupt health insurance with a focus on customer experience and technology, but success has been mixed. As the company changes tack, what does the future of a next-gen US health insurer look like?

242 Startup Failure Post-Mortems
It's hard to say goodbye. A compilation of startup failure post-mortems by founders and investors.


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