Bracket victor. White collar automation. Opioid alternatives. 

Didn't see that coming

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Seven weeks ago, we asked you, what is the best company to invest in and hold for ten years

Our original list of 64 companies came down to two e-commerce giants: Amazon vs. Alibaba. And the winner is...


They took 63% of the vote.

Dear MBAs – AI is coming for you 

While the impacts of AI often tend to center on blue collar jobs, there are a number of Expert Automation & Augmentation Software (EAAS) companies that will impact white collar jobs — including lawyers, consultants, financial advisors, journalists, traders, and more. 

We dig into the burgeoning EAAS sector in this detailed breakdown of the landscape.

Note: this market map is unlike any other we've ever created. Spot why?

The cost to mine bitcoin

It's expensive. 

h/t to Howard Lindzon

A cure for fintech FOMO

June 19 – 21, we’ll kick off our third annual Future of Fintech conference at Lincoln Center in NYC. Last year’s event sold out and this year's event is being capped at the same size.

Be sure to grab your ticket before prices go up (+$1000) next week.

In case you missed the highlights from last year (1,000 people, 31+ countries represented, 35+ world class speakers), check them out here.

A home-buying unicorn

Online direct home sales company Opendoor Labs reached a $1B unicorn valuation in just 3 years. Our Opendoor Teardown dives into the business model, market opportunity, leadership, and other factors that spurred this company's growth. 

This consultant really earned his fees

This is some gold here. 

How do I get some of that exponential growth?

Find that strategic inflection point.

Rinse. Repeat.

Thx to newsletter subscriber Dean Wormell for sharing this beauty.

Pain points

We put together a list of notable startups tackling pain management without opioids, which focus on everything from cold therapy to alternative painkillers based on ingredients like chili peppers and venom. 

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. Julie Verhage (@julieverhage) reports on Tiger Global Management's $75M investment in Wealthfront and cites CB Insights valuation data. 

Forbes. Joshua Fraser (@joshppc) lists takeaways from real estate tech in 2017 and cites CB Insights early-stage real estate tech research.

Nasdaq. A look at Baidu and BlackBerry's collaboration on self-driving cars, with a reference to CB Insights autotech data. 

Yahoo! Finance. Daniel Roberts (@readDanwrite) dives into ether and cites CB Insights' What is Ethereum? brief.

I love you.


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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Kernel memory leaking. A fundamental design flaw in Intel's processor chip has forced a significant redesign of the Linux and Windows kernels. 
The Register

D&I data. How to wield empathy and data to build a diverse and inclusive team. 
First Round Review

Up and up. Aaron Pressman (@ampressman) on why shares of companies like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google can rise even higher in 2018. 

Parking for gold. Geoff Manaugh (@bldgblog) on the National Valet Olympics and the world of competitive parking. 
The Atlantic

Fan worship. Aurangzeb Durrani (@AGzee) on how blockchain technology may make the already big esports memorabilia scene even bigger. 

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