Square teardown. HelloFresh IPO. US of fintech.

The size of a millet seed

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Today, we're sharing some good data viz. Sorry — no pie charts.

First, an interesting look at what objects authors have used over time to indicate the size of something.

TIL: From 1800-1899, people said "it's the size of the crown piece."

Hello IPO

Germany-based HelloFresh just went public at a valuation of just under €1.7B ($1.96B), well ahead of competitor Blue Apron, which is now below $800M and has been in free fall since its IPO. Hello Fresh faces many of the same challenges as Blue Apron, but has seen some positive sales growth recently.

Although a down exit, its $1.96B valuation makes it the latest $1B+ VC-backed exit to make it on to our Unicorn Exits Tracker.

Where 1 minute = 1 hour

Kyle Vogt, CEO and co-founder of Cruise Automation, believes that every minute of testing autonomous cars on a city street is as valuable as an hour of testing on the roads of suburbia. 

But what if that city is a hilly, maze-like, traffic snarl with a trolley lane?

Since July, Cruise
— which was acquired by GM for $1B — has been testing its cars on San Francisco streets.

Kyle says “it’s the fastest path toward deploying self-driving cars at scale.”

New York City will probably seem easy when the company starts testing its cars there in 2018.

Kyle is joining us at the A-ha! Conference on December 13 in San Francisco. We’re guessing the minutes will fly by as he shares what he’s learned from taking on some of the toughest engineering challenges in the world.

kyle NL.PNG

Currently offering group tickets (2 tickets for $1990) 

Good until November 6th.

Or use discount code cruise to save $500 today.

Fair and square

Square launched in 2009 with an initial product that enabled sellers to accept card payments using a smartphone-attachable magnetic stripe dongle. Since then, Square (NYSE: SQ, Mkt Cap: $13.7B) has evolved its product and service line into a much broader suite, encompassing small business loans, payroll, food delivery, P2P payments, and more.

We analyzed Square’s investments, M&A activity, patents, partnerships, hiring activity, and more to understand its strategy going forward.

Roots and tubers

A look at the dietary composition of people in 10 high-income countries and 10 lower-income countries.

Lots more meat in high-income countries.

Gifts galore 

Last year, we identified 35 amazing, surprising, and in some cases, downright bizarre venture-backed inventions for our holiday gift guide.

We're back again this year and looking for your input. Submit/update your company data via the CB Insights Editor for a chance to have your product featured in our 2017 gift guide.

What are you waiting for? Show us what you've got.

The US of fintech

We mapped the most well-funded fintech startup in each US state. California, New York, Illinois, Georgia, and North Carolina's most well-funded fintech startups are all valued above $1B.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Wired. David Pierce (@pierce) on the downfall of Doppler Labs with a reference to CB Insights research on why hardware startups fail.

CNBC. A look at Lockheed Martin's investment activity in defense startups with a mention of CB Insights data on deal activity.

Silicon Valley Business Journal. Luke Stangel (@luke_stangel) writes about the shutdown of a Zuckerberg-backed AltSchool location and refers to CB Insights edtech investment data.

I love you.


P.S. We'll be diving into Airbnb's strategy in an upcoming briefing. Make sure you sign up.

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