Infographic: VCs in real estate. On-demand delivery of prescriptions. Google's best acquisitions.
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As everyone knows, fintech is en vogue these days. It's not AI or deep learning hot, but it's definitely up there. In fact, we have a 62-page report on it and have a 3-day event dedicated to it.

One interesting thing about the financial services landscape is how large the megabanks have become. This graphic from American Banker does a great job illustrating it.

Their sheer size does make the unbundling of banking much more plausible as organizations of this scale rarely (aka basically never) innovate the way the market needs them to. They tend to build what they can versus what the market wants.

What do you think? Is the unbundling of banking going to happen? Or is fintech much ado about nothing?

VCs get real

Real estate tech investment hit new record-high levels in 2015, with $1.7B raised across 191 deals. We ranked VCs by their unique real estate tech investments over the past 5 years in the following infographic.

Rx, Stat

With on-demand solutions on the rise, companies working in prescription medicine are joining in on the trend. We identify 10 companies working to improve access to prescription drugs by getting them into consumer hands more conveniently or quickly.

Industry standard

CB Insights is the authority on emerging tech, venture capital, and startups. Here are some of the latest media articles featuring CB Insights and our data.

Asian Venture Capital Journal. Competition and regulation are changing the dynamics of China’s online lending industry, writes Winnie Liu (@avcj), citing data from our Pulse of Fintech report with KPMG.

The Wall Street Journal. Corporate venture groups weren’t immune to the Q4 slowdown, as Steven Norton (@steven_norton) points out, quoting CB Insights analyst Kerry Wu (@kerrygwu).

Inc. Zoe Henry (@ZoeLaHenry) quotes CB Insights research on big banks’ strategic investments into startups in her report on Goldman Sachs buying Honest Dollar.

Fortune. In her latest “A Boom With a View” column, Erin Griffith (@eringriffith) says we’ve passed Peak On-Demand, citing our data on funding to such startups.

Google gains

Few companies are more aggressive than Google when it comes to acquisitions. We look at the company's 12 best acquisitions ever, based both on what they have already added to the company and what they seem poised to bring to the table in the coming years.


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The most active VCs in real estate tech and their investments in on infographic

500 Startups, Thrive Capital, and Malaysia-based Frontier Digital Ventures top our list. See the infographic.
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Companies working in prescription drugs distribution

From on-demand delivery of prescriptions to virtual pharmacists, startups are transforming the distribution of medicine to those who need it. See the list.
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Google's 12 best acquisitions of all time

Alphabet (formerly Google) has made a number of notable acquisitions over the years applying its famous "toothbrush test" and penchant for acquihires. The M&A has allowed Google to expand into new industries. See the list.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

Obsessing over the present. Matthew Ball says that by focusing on the present, big media has forgotten its past and endangered its future.

Good SaaS Bad SaaS. Kurt Leafstrand (@kleaf) says the greatest potential of SaaS is also what makes it dangerous and hard for markets to measure.

AI isn't for winning board games, it's for saving lives. Daniel Burrus (@danielburrus) speaks about the enormous potential of AI and technology to change and save people's lives.

How Newton's third law applies to South by Southwest. David Berkowitz (@dberkowitz) shares five trends and their polar opposites that were evident at South by Southwest this year.
Ad Age

A brief history of human time. Olivier Gergaud, Morgane Laouénan, and Étienne Wasmer say the presence of entrepreneurs and artists is associated with faster long-term growth.

March Madness. Jeffrey Hayzlett (@jeffreyhayzlett) shares three lessons all businesses can take away from March Madness.


Is AWS the next computing platform? Boris Wertz (@bwertz) questions what the next big computing platform will be and shares what he believes are the five key trends shaping the computer industry today.
Version One

Give your ideas away. Jon Westenberg (@jonwestenberg) says to be open with your ideas, for you never know what kind of input you'll receive and how it can change your world.

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