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Brexit, genetics & more

Hi there,

The most innovative product bracket finals matchup is now set. 

Despite allegations of widespread vote rigging, it looks like the crowd got it right with this matchup. Read on and vote.

But first.

Not breaking news #1

If you're planning on going to a baseball game and need a graph to tell you when you'll get the cheapest seats, here you go.

Answer: Surprise — it's the middle of the week.

Betting on the moon

We identify the most active private market investors in space tech and analyze the pace of new investors entering the space. Space Angels Network topped the list, with investment in over 15 companies, followed by Founders Fund.

Going up on a Tuesday

Heights are increasing globally.

But, they declined in the UK in the most recent measurement period.

Blame it on Brexit.

Insurance recap

We put together an insurance tech report in collaboration with Willis Towers Watson Securities and Willis Re, highlighting a number of topics including financing trends, Munich Re's investment strategy, and digital transformation in the small business insurance market.

Vaccination high

Global vaccination coverage hit new all-time highs.

Apple's iBag

Apple's design team has been hard at work...designing a bag?

We came across this patent grant using the CB Insights patents search engine, which claims an "ornamental design for a bag." The bag appears to have five sides and two handles. #Disruption.

Forever young

We identified 10 private anti-aging companies to watch. These startups are working on new approaches to genomics, cancer therapy, and sensory loss associated with getting older.

From the not breaking news desk #2

Digital music sales have taken over from physical formats (CDs, cassettes, etc).

Bracket championship
Alright, we're down to the final 2 and history hangs in the balance.

It's Raspberry Pi vs The Tesla Model S. 

Both of their final 4 matchups were not even close. Tesla crushed the Amazon Echo and the Raspberry Pi obliterated the Macbook Air.

Vote now and determine which is the most innovative consumer product since the iPhone. It'll take all of 0.9 seconds to vote in the final. Polls close Sunday.


The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

CNBC. Arjun Kharpal (@arjunkharpalreports on an SEC filing uncovered by CB Insights that points to a new advanced materials recycling and manufacturing initiative called Redwood Materials, with potential ties to Tesla.

Financial Times. Oliver Ralph (@oliver_ralph) writes about investment in insurance tech startups and cites data found in CB Insights and Willis Towers Watson's Insurance Tech report.

The Verge. Andrew J. Hawkins (@andyjayhawk) reports on Tesla's ties to company Redwood Materials and references the SEC filing spotted by CB Insights.

The Observer. Brady Dale (@bradydale) digs into Amazon's patent activity and the company's strategy and references the CB Insights Amazon Strategy Teardown.

TechCrunch. Connie Loizos (@cookie) reports on Tesla's potential ties to company Redwood Materials and refers to the SEC filing uncovered by CB Insights.

Hope you had a terrific Tuesday.

I love you.


P.S. Join us in New York on May 16th as we host a dinner for senior VC, corporate M&A, and strategy folks to discuss the state of AI. Request an invite here.

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