Tesla cofounder's startup. Harley-Davidson goes electric. NY state opens self-driving applications.
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Simulate it to make it

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Waymo's testing fleet has hit 3 million road miles driven, covering the last million miles in just seven months.

The Alphabet self-driving car unit has also driven billions of miles in simulation, leveraging Google's data centers to test variations of particular skills such as three-car merges. As of January 2016, Waymo's team was covering more than 3 million miles in simulation per day.

Startups, too, are working in simulation. The CBI Cruncher tracked a $1.9M financing this week to RightHook, a recently unstealthed engine-in-the-loop (EIL) simulation platform targeting autonomous vehicle applications.

In last July's auto tech webinar, we discussed the dramatic mileage requirements that might be necessary to demonstrate autonomous vehicle reliability (referencing a RAND study on the topic and the subsequent importance of other testing methods such as simulation).

The auto tech landscape has evolved rapidly since then; Google/Waymo now has nearly 2x the road miles it did in this graphic. Join our upcoming briefing to get up to speed on the latest developments in mobility and transport tech.

Mapped: 125+ IIoT startups

Autonomy has been the trendiest topic within the auto and transport tech spheres for some time now, but asset-heavy industrials like automakers and manufacturers continue to see value in the less glamorous field of connected hardware.

My colleague Nick Pappageorge has put together a comprehensive in-depth market map of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) stack, highlighting startups working from basic sensors to AI-driven analytics.

As laid out in the map, applied sensor networks have been particularly relevant for auto and transport players, with the rise of connected vehicle and fleet telematics startups as well as warehousing and logistics tracking companies.

The road to transportation-as-a-service

Another market map comes courtesy of Paul Asel, managing partner of Nokia Growth Partners (NGP). Paul's guest post on the CB Insights blog dives into the dramatic value shifts facing legacy auto companies and examines the startups working to make TaaS a reality.

Have a great rest of the week.


The road to transportation-as-a-service

As car ownership goes down, the transportation-as-a-service business model offers a higher-margin opportunity within the auto sector. Read more here.
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The industrial IoT: 125+ startups transforming factory floors, oil fields, and supply chains

So far, the IIoT wave transforming asset-heavy industries has been led by the old guard of tech giants such as GE, IBM, and Cisco. Check out the market map.
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Google’s space wager: Mapping investments, acquisitions, and launches

Although Google's intentions for the sector remain hazy, the company’s investments are split between satellite connectivity and earth observation data. See the infographics.
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This Week in Auto Tech
A curated mix of recent articles on auto tech financings, exits, announcements, hirings, partnerships & perspectives.

Deals & Fundraising
Cabify raises $100M. The company has raised just under $100M, as part of a $500M Series D the company is targeting.

Remix raises $10M. Sequoia led the Series A for the public transit planning startup.

RightHook raises $1.9M. The SEC filing we captured for the autonomous simulation startup lists Phin Barnes of First Round Capital as a director.
CB Insights

Hesai raises $16M. Pagoda Investment led the Series A to the Shanghai-based LiDAR company.
China Money Network

Ontruck pulls in $10M. Atomico and Idinvest led the Series A to the Madrid-based on-demand freight startup.

Has Uber killed off its self-driving trucks? Certain evidence suggests Uber has largely ceased development on self-driving trucks, despite a public unveiling of Uber Freight this week. Meanwhile, more top engineers may be looking to leave Uber as morale drops.
Backchannel (trucks) / Recode (talent departures)

Waymo hits 3 million miles. The company's test fleet has covered a million miles in about seven months, in addition to billions of miles in simulation.

Toronto heats up. Uber has hired leading AI researcher Raquel Urtasun to lead its self-driving efforts in Canada. Alphabet company Sidewalk Labs has also applied to develop a 12-acre Toronto strip, presumably as part of its goal to build a smart city district from the ground up.
Recode (Uber AI) / Bloomberg (Sidewalk Labs)

Citymapper testing transport service. The transit information app is launching an experimental circular bus loop with its own branded buses.

Regulation moves. New York opened applications for autonomous testing in the state, requiring each vehicle to be covered by a $5M insurance policy. US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao endorsed self-driving cars in an interview, but misstated the definition of SAE Level 2 automation in the process.
NY DMV / Slate

Tesla comings and goings. Notably, the company has hired a former Juniper exec to lead its M&A integration strategy (we examined Tesla's recent M&A in our EV webinar). Tesla's original cofounder, ousted as CEO in 2008, has now been linked to an EV startup called InEVit.
Electrek (comings and goings) / Electrek (InEVit)

Harley-Davidson goes electric. The motorcycle brand will incorporate electrified motorcycles as part of a new model offensive over the next decade.
Inside EVs

EV subsidies. Sales have dropped sharply for leading EV maker BYD as the Chinese government has scaled back EV incentives. However, India's government is pushing for 100% EV sales in the country by 2030.
MIT Technology Review (BYD/China) / Nasdaq (India)

South Korea building driverless town. The "K-City" complex will be dedicated to autonomous vehicle testing, akin to Ann Arbor's Mcity.
The Drive

Toyota picks Nvidia. The auto giant is the latest to use Nvidia's Drive PX system for autonomous vehicles. Nvidia's CEO is also hoping the "Amazon effect" of autonomous logistics will drive adoption of the technology
VentureBeat (Toyota) / PC World ("Amazon effect")

Articles & Perspectives
An intro to LiDAR. Voyage's Oliver Cameron pens a primer on the popular (but not quite ubiquitous) self-driving sensor.

Willingness to pay for autonomy. Cornell researchers surveyed 1,260 US individuals, finding that average consumer WTP for a fully autonomous driving feature is nearly $5k.

Self-driving market map. Taylor Stewart of Comet Labs has mapped 263 public and private companies working across the transportation stack.
Comet Labs

Chris Urmson on autonomy. Chunka Mui lists six key takeaways from the self-driving veteran's recent lecture at CMU.

Autonomy's impact on traffic. CityLab examines the potential nightmarish rise in vehicle miles traveled (VMT), while another study suggests even a small number of autonomous cars could ease congestion on roads.
CityLab / MIT Technology Review

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