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Hi, it's Susanna here from Future Expats Forum.

Yesterday started a round of bittersweet meals with friends.

In my last email, I explained that my husband had gotten a surprising job offer back in Orlando.

He's decided to pursue it, so in a short time we'll be winging our way back to the US. 

In the meantime, we said our goodbyes to several friends at dinner last night, today at lunch with some others, and we'll be doing more of this throughout the week. It's hard not to get teary-eyed about the wonderful people we won't be seeing for a while.

Does this mean we've given up on the expat life, or on Panama? Not at all!

I'm looking at this as more of an affirmation of the benefits of being an expat, and when you throw in the portable career you've got an unbeatable combination.

So what does this mean for you, as a reader of Future Expats Forum, going forward?

Not a whole lot. I'll still be updating regularly, but I'll probably focus a little less on Panama. I don't plan to stop talking about it, though. Panama's still an excellent choice for overseas retirement, and I still have friends here.

Will we stay in the US Permanently?

I'd like to say, "not a chance," but I don't want to tempt fate. So I'll just say that we're looking at this as a two-year commitment. After that we'll be looking for new adventures.

And in some ways, I think the culture shock of returning might be more severe than the culture shock we experienced when we arrived in Panama!

All the best,

PS If you're still wondering if you should take the plunge and move overseas, or where in the world to go, here's a wonderful tool that will help you in your planning. And yes, if you order it through this link, I get a small commission that helps me keep this site running.
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