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Biosonics: Sound Healing by Dr. John Beaulieu

Dr. John Beaulieu

Thank you - and more!

Thank you for the hundreds of responses regarding the September session at our new Stone Ridge Sound Studio.
I'm pleased to invite you to another special event - a 4 day intensive session held nearby at Menla in Phoenicia, NY at which I will  be presenting.  I hope that you can attend.

Sound Healing Retreat


Thursday June 2nd through Sunday June 5th, 2011

Phoenicia NY
On June 2-5, seven of America’s foremost experts in the art and science of sound healing will join together in these special times of history to lead a Sound Healing Retreat Intensive. 
This four-day immersion program is ideal for those who seek personal transformation through the frequencies of sacred sound, for experienced sound healing professionals wanted to deepen their practice, holistic practitioners who wish to introduce sound healing in their work.
The internationally renowned faculty includes organizer Philippe Garnier, Dr. John Beaulieu, Dr. Zacciah Blackburn, Peter Blum, Rich Goodhart, Nigol Koulajian and healer Grandmother Barbara Threecrow.  
Under the guidance of these remarkable scholars, doctors, healers, and sound practitioners, students will explore the healing potential of sound frequencies directly on themselves, and will cherish a new alchemical awareness of the world around us.  Participants will learn the therapeutic application of intentional healing frequencies to create sacred space, shift and expand consciousness, address a range of physical conditions, restore balance, and promote positive change at the cellular level.
"Facilitated by the sacred sound of instruments like crystal singing bowls and tuning forks, we can reach deep into the subconscious and gain access to the universal energy field, finding clarity of mind, as well as physical and emotional healing." says Garnier.
Some highlights of the retreat include presentations by John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D on the theory, art, and science of sound healing, illuminating the vibrant relationship that exists between modern research, ancient spiritual principles, and energy healing techniques.   Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, will talk about sound as a gateway to consciousness and about the specific nature and usage of therapeutic instruments. Peter Blum will concentrate on rhythm meditations as well as the power of the human voice; he will introduce singers and non-singers alike to “Magical Voice” or overtone singing (the production of two or three notes simultaneously).  The transformative potential of sound will be the focus of Rich Goodhart’s talk as he shares meditational techniques that can be utilized throughout one’s life and healing practice.  Gong master Nigol Koulajian will come specially to Menla to conduct a early morning Gong meditation, and healer Grandmother Barbara Threecrow will lead an evening Sound ceremony with 500 years old Wisteling vessels.  Event organizer Philippe Garnier will discuss the role of resonance, and will demonstrate a sound healing session from beginning to end revealing the physical and spiritual and mystical aspect of sound.
“Participants will experience profound personal transformation as a result of being surrounded with these healing frequencies so completely for these four unparalleled days,” says Garnier. “To have the opportunity to study with these teachers in this intensive retreat on the sacred and already energetically charged land of Menla will be unique experience that will stay with them forever. Everyone will leave the retreat with precious and practical skills that they can immediately use both to enhance their own individual growth and share with their entourage.”
 The 2011 Sound Healing Retreat Intensive will be held at Menla House Retreat Center, located in Phonecia, NY, 20 minutes from Woodstock., Thursday June 2nd, Friday 3rd, Sat 4th and Sunday 5th -More Info and prices here: http://sagehealingcenter.org/special-events.php

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