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Medication Review Mentor release 1.50 – Follow-up Management Console

One area of the HMR process that pharmacists have great influence is in annual review follow-ups. Under the DMMR scheme, eligible patients should have their medicines usage reviewed every 12 months (less for higher risk patients).

In most other health-related businesses, regular follow-up reminders to patients are typical, and critical to growing visit numbers. When it comes to Medication Reviews, however, pharmacists appear to be missing out on business potential because of poorly managed follow-up processes.

Medication Review Mentor release 1.50 – Follow-up Management Console
Version 1.50 of Medscope’s Medication Review Mentor has now been released. This version includes a follow-up management console that enables the pharmacist to maximise their HMR/RMMR business by providing the tools to manage review follow-ups.

Using the new console the pharmacist can:
  • Receive regular emails notifications of follow-ups due in the next four weeks (or other customisable period).
  • Send reminder letters to the patient’s GP, requesting the initiation follow-up referral.
  • Send reminder letters to patients informing them that their annual follow-up review is due.
  • Maintain an audit log so you know if/when letters have been sent (to GPs and/or patients)
  • Ability to postpone a reminder to a future date 
  • Cancel a follow-up reminder.
When managed correctly, follow-ups will contribute to compounding Medication Review (HMR/RMMR) numbers. .... read more about the follow-up management console.

A snapshot of the new follow-up management console

snapshot of the new follow-up management console

Did you know that Medscope's MRM also:
  • Managers all aspects of the HMR and RMMR work flow (from referral to payment).
  • Enables you to collaborate with other accredited pharmacists.
  • Streamlines the work flow between the you and your pharmacy(ies).
  • Manages and prints claim forms for both HMR and RMMR reviews.
  • Has an intelligent expert system engine that helps you identify issues based on the patient's entire medical profile, not just the medication being prescribed.
  • Allows you to customise the wording of the issues identified by MRM ... and add new issues not identified by MRM.
  • Has an in-built auditing system that enables you to track who/when did what to each referral.
  • Enables you to access all past reviews for any patient ... while you are reviewing their current referral.
.... and incorporates a number of other tricks that saves you time and helps you produce consistent quality reports.

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