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Do You Seak My English?
Minister's Letter- Joe Radkovic

“Christians are people who have faith in the Gospel of Jesus; his salvation of grace.”

If you were to say this sentence to your neighbour, how much would they understand? My guess is, less than you think!

When we were first in Kenya, my Bible study was made up of well-educated Kenyans. They were reading through a book called Encouragement, by Larry Crabb. After that, I suggested we read from the Bible. The whole group explained that we couldn’t. There were so many words we could not understand. If we were to study the Bible, we would have to ask a trained Pastor to join us so he could explain it to us.

I was absolutely shocked by this. Shocked that they had never studied the Bible themselves, and shocked they thought it wrong to even read it themselves.

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Apartment Engage- 'Adopt a Block'

With even more new apartments in Wollongong, members of St Michael's can continue to welcome newcomers and invite local residents to our services and activities. Pop a series of postcards into the letterboxes of your allocated block and pray for the residents within. If you're interested, please fill in a Connect Card, or email

Sunday 15 August
9:45am Livestream:
Mark 13:1-13
6pm Zoom:
2 Corinthians 5:6-15
9:45am Livestream

Zoom Links for Sunday

*Please use your real name on the Zoom screen so we know who you are!
St Michael's 8am Congregational Zoom Meeting
Time: July 25, 2021, 11:00 AM
Meeting ID: 810 1634 7450
Passcode: 458231

St Michael's 9:45am Congregational Zoom meeting
Time: Jul 25, 2021 11:00 AM
Meeting ID: 865 2264 3137
Passcode: 865947

St Michael's 11:30am Congregational Zoom Meeting
Time: July 25, 2021 11:00AM
Meeting ID: 852 4452 1679
Passcode: 471732

St Michael's Combined Evening Zoom
Time: Jul 25, 2021 6:00PM
Meeting ID: 881 1558 2419
Passcode: 694389

News & Notices

Karina Brabham
Our new CMS link missionary
will be ‘with’ us next week - August 15-20. God willing, Karina will head to France in January. We will hear a little from her on Sunday and there will be opportunities to hear further during the week.

Click the links to join the 'all in' Zooms with Karina:
Monday 7:30pm
Meeting ID: 878 6833 6129
Passcode: 265227
Tuesday 11am
Meeting ID: 841 0521 3253
Passcode: 884727
Tuesday 7:30pm
Meeting ID: 867 4618 3592
Passcode: 590398
Wednesday 10am (WoW)
Meeting ID: 844 2026 5300
Passcode: 250710

WCCEB Pie Drive

The WCCEB high school SRE ministry needs your help in 3 ways:
1. Please be PRAYING for schools, students, staff and parents and our SRE teacher’s and their alternate work and connecting with students.
2. PIES, yes it is happening, next week, please put your orders in ASAP by August 19th via: and there will be instructions for contactless pick-up (or delivery if you require it, please let us know) on Sunday, August 22nd and specific time slots to choose from for your pie pick-ups.
3. If you don’t like pies or can’t support the pie drive this time, then can I please ask you to consider supporting the WCCEB ministry regularly via donations. We have a $165,000p.a budget and donations are 100% tax-deductible. To donate one-off or set up a regular pattern, go here: 

Crisis Relief Available!

You may have heard us mention the availability of 'crisis relief' to help those with financial difficulties during COVID. 
You can find out more about this here. Please don't hesitate to reach out to a member of the pastoral staff if interested.

St Micks Youth

Juniors and Seniors, join us this week as we meet on Zoom.

Seniors | Thursday 7-9pm | Years 9-12
Meeting ID: 818 8254 1069 | Passcode: 254475
Juniors | Friday 7-8:30pm | Years 6-8: 

Meeting ID: 843 5478 5326 | Passcode: 073171

National Grandparent Conference Goes Online!

Due to the current COVID restrictions, the National Grandparent Conference for 2021 will now be held online over one day, September 3rd! 
You can read more about how the conference will work, including pricing & commencing times here. Registrations are open at

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