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The Mission of the Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation is to enhance the beauty and experience of Lakes Park. 

July, 2022

Message From the President: 

July is National Parks and Recreation Month. Come on out and celebrate with us at Lakes Park!
Lee County is offering free parking at all parks for the weekend of July 31st.  Read all about it in this Newsletter.
Summer Camp is going strong and LPEF has assisted campers with Field Trips and a special luncheon. What better way to spend your day then having fun and learning at camp at Lakes Park!
It's hard to believe that school will start up again in August.
Make sure you read all about our Scarecrows in the Park and prepare to have a family exhibit.
This year’s theme is “Scarecrows in the Park goes to the Movies”. 
A couple of weeks ago Lee County lost long time Commissioner Frank Mann to Cancer.  Commissioner Mann was a defender of the environment and good friend of Lakes Park and supported everything we did.  He will be missed.
- Barbara Manzo

Now’s the time to be dreaming up YOUR Scarecrow!

Movie character scarecrows will fill the Children’s Garden Oct. 14 – 30 bringing delight once again to children and adults from 2 to 80 years old! Everyone is invited to participate – companies, schools, families.  The entry fee is modest and goes to enhancements for Lakes Park.

This is a contest with prizes for the winners.  The theme this year is a movie character—Marilyn Monroe with a billowing skirt, Dracula, a favorite Disney character, Space Age heroes?  Who would you like to showcase?  A single figure mounted securely on a pole; creativity encouraged!
 Watch for details soon or email us at

Glowing Google Reviews!
Some recent google reviews about the park. Come check out all we have to offer! Thank you to our visitors now and in the future.
Check out our website for all upcoming events here
Friendship and Volunteering
July 9th marked the 90th day that Sherry and Dana visited and walked the entire park together. A goal they set to enjoy the parks beauty and give back to the communities as volunteers.  Their friendship has helped maintain the beautification of the family garden butterfly greenhouse, and the succulent area across from the train station! Thank you Sherry and Dana.

Interested in volunteering?
There are opportunities on Monday's and Thursday's from 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM in the Fragrance Garden. 
Honoring Frank Mann
All of us at Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation, park staff, and volunteers, are deeply saddened by the passing of Commissioner Frank Mann.  He was a great friend of the Park. A true supporter of the natural Florida environment. He will be greatly missed. full article on his life and accomplishments here.
Celebrating National Park & Recreation Month!
Throughout July, take time to celebrate National Park & Recreation Month by spending time at recreation centers, local parks, on the beach, hiking or visiting a preserve.
Lakes park with be offering Free parking the weekend of July 30th!
Thank you to our Lee County Park & Recreation team for their commitment to keeping our parks safe and beautiful for constituents to enjoy. Click below to learn more about programs being offered this summer here.
Brand New Shaded Playground!
Brand new shaded playground at Lakes Park for the hot Florida summers! 
Can you name these plants?
1st picture is of the Liriope by the entrance in bloom.
2nd picture is of the Ixora in bloom and also in the entrance garden bed.
Bird Patrol led nature walk at Lakes Park
July review! 
photo credit - Gail Campbell
Marie Di Rosa and Gail Campbell were guides for July's Bird Walk around Lakes Regional Park. Kathy marked the species with an X when there was an unknown number.
25 species total.

Black-bellied Whistling-Duck (Dendrocygna autumnalis)  1
Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura)  8
Common Gallinule (Gallinula galeata)  X
Limpkin (Aramus guarauna)  X
Killdeer (Charadrius vociferus)  1
Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga)  5
Double-crested Cormorant (Nannopterum auritum)  1
Least Bittern (Ixobrychus exilis)  2
Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)  5
Great Egret (Ardea alba)  3
Little Blue Heron (Egretta caerulea)  2
Tricolored Heron (Egretta tricolor)  4
Green Heron (Butorides virescens)  2
White Ibis (Eudocimus albus)  X
Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)  2
Swallow-tailed Kite (Elanoides forficatus)  3
Red-bellied Woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus)  4
Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)  1
Fish Crow (Corvus ossifragus)  5
European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)  1
Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)  X
Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus)  X
Common Grackle (Quiscalus quiscula)  X
Boat-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus major)  X
Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)  X    Heard in the Bald Cypress

View this checklist online at
Drone Training at Lakes Park!
Check out these photos from Lee County Sheriff's Office training at Lakes Park with their drone, Dragonfish.
This drone was the first unit to locate a missing hiker in the Estero Bay Preserve State Park a few months ago using its infrared camera. Technology at its finest.

Amazon Smile - buying with intention

If you’re an Amazon shopper, you can help out the Foundation at no cost to you.
The Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation is a registered charity with Amazon Smile.  For every purchase you make we get a small donation.
Just type in your browser  or click here.
Sign in, then where it says 'charity' type in Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation and start shopping!
Remember to always use and you are donating to us.
Curious about what our foundation is and does for the park? Click the video below to learn more!
2021-2022 Leadership Team
Barbara Manzo, President – former Director of Lee County Parks & Recreation
Marsha Asp, Vice-President – Realtor, CornerStone Coastal Properties

Kathy Busick, Secretary – former educator, now LPEF’s volunteer Gardens
Kathleen Johnson, Treasurer - CPA and shareholder at Miller, Helms & Folk, P.A.

Laura Davis, Director - Amavida Resort Retirement Community.
Bill Gray, Director 
Leave Your Mark On The Park
Bricks are a great gift and make a lasting memory. They are
located in three areas of the Park. Purchase your brick here and fill out the form by choosing your location and wording.
Only $100! 
we now have a data base of all the bricks in the Children’s Garden, Fragrance Garden, and Train Museum thanks to Scot Anderson and Howard Holden!
If you can’t find your brick e-mail and we will find it for you. Please include location, and inscription along with your name.
Become a volunteer

Volunteers are the very backbone of our ability to carry out the Foundation’s mission. We call our volunteers “Lakes Park Ambassadors” because of their tendency to share their passion and knowledge with park visitors.

Individuals wishing to volunteer should e-mail for more information.

Foundation Website
The six acres of gardens at Lakes Park that include the Children’s Garden, The Community Garden and the Botanical/Fragrance Garden are managed and maintained by an amazing crew of volunteers. The regular work days are Monday and Thursday mornings from 8 AM to 11 AM. These hours vary depending on the Florida weather. Our current need is for full time residents who are willing to help when the snowbirds fly north at the end of April.

Bench Dedication Program  
The bench catalog, pricing, terms and conditions, availability, etc. can be found 
by visiting our Bench Dedication landing page.

Pave the Park - Buy a Brick! 
Bricks are a very popular way to support the park.   Three locations to choose from! Find out  more 
by visiting our Pave the Park page. 

Donate through the PayPal Giving Fund 
PayPal has a special program - no one gets charged any credit card merchant fees! 
Click this link to find out how quick and easy it is to  donate through the PayPal Giving Fund

Interested in the Community Garden? 
We get many requests for a bed in the Community Garden. Whenever a bed becomes available, we hold  an "email lottery" to engage a new Community Garden member.  Get details and put your name on the Community Garden Notifications List - 
click here to find out more. 

Join the Board of Directors or the Advisory Board 
We're looking to build out our Board of Directors and Advisory Board with community leaders who love Lakes Park and are willing to tap their personal and professional networks as well as their own skills, knowledge, and wisdom to support the Foundation in achieving its mission - Enhancing the Beauty and Experience of Lakes Park.  
CONTACT US at if  you are interested in attending one of our Board meetings to see if this is the right mission for you. 
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