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Supported Touring in the Highlands & Islands

Production request for
March - September 2015


We are now inviting companies and performers, who have productions that meet our selection criteria, to apply for inclusion in our Spring/ Summer season by Monday 28 July 2014

What is Supported Touring?
The Touring Network’s (Highlands & Islands) Supported Touring programme aims to work with promoters to fill gaps in geography, gaps in their programming and to share the risk of touring and promoting.  
As such it:
  • Works to bring new and exciting professional Dance, Children’s theatre and Contemporary theatre into the region.
  • Works with promoters to widen their programming choices and attract new audiences.
  • Works with communities new to promoting, to increase access to professional performing arts.
We achieve the aims of our Supported Touring scheme by:
  • Sharing the risk with our promoters by offering shows for a box office split.
  • Supporting companies with a fair performance fee and assistance with their tour programming.
What are we looking for?

Dance - High quality work that is audience friendly, exciting, engaging and suitable for performances in rural venues.
Theatre for Early Years, Children & Young People – Work that is engaging, accessible and of high quality.
Contemporary Theatre - High quality work that is exploring and taking artistic risks, in the interests of creating work that is authentic to the present culture and society.

Please note - if you are performing at the Edinburgh Festival with a show that will be available to tour please let us know so we can encourage promoters to go and see it, with a mind to selecting it for Supported Touring consideration. Just give us some details and we'll share them with our members.

Priority will be given to productions that:
  • Would not otherwise be able to tour the region, or whose run would be limited.
  • Support the development of new audiences.
  • Are unique in their approach to audience engagement.
  • Are of high-quality.
  • Have minimal technical requirements, are self-sufficient in terms of equipment, or are willing to negotiate with us, should we need to rent technical equipment for you.
  • Show flexibility to the wide variety of communities that are part of The Touring Network.
  • Offer excellent and relevant publicity.
How does a company submit a Production for Inclusion?
If you are a professional company, with a production that meets the above criteria, and are available to tour the Highlands & Islands between March and September 2015, then please visit and click the Sign Up button in the Performers section.
This will create your user profile, and you will receive an email from us shortly afterwards containing your log in details. Please be aware that this is a manual process at the moment, so you may not receive your log in details immediately if you apply outwith office hours.  
Once you are able to log in to Tourbook, you will be able to create a profile for your company and for your production. Please be as detailed as you can in your profiles, as the information you provide here will be used during our selection process. Our 80+ promoters around the Highlands & Islands will also be able to view all of the details of your production through Tourbook at this stage.

If you are already on Tourbook please make sure your profile is up to date, along with contact details and show information.

If you have recently applied for funding and are awaiting an outcome please feel free to add your performance to Tourbook and make it clear that a tour is available, pending funding.

The deadline for submitting your production for inclusion in Supported Touring is Monday 28 July 2014

Other dates to note are:
Beginning of September 2014       
Menu curated and published to promoters; Companies are informed if they are on the menu.
End of September 2014                 
Deadline for promoters to select shows from the menu.
Beginning of October 2014     
We inform companies of any interest from promoters; If there is enough interest, we begin the process of confirming dates and issuing contracts.

If you have any further questions about Supported Touring please read our Artistic Policy & FAQ document in the first instance, and then get in touch with our Programme Manager if your questions are still not answered.
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