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Imagined Spaces, Lost Objects


Imagined Spaces, Lost Objects
An evening of performance curated by Victoria Stanton

Amalie Atkins (Saskatoon)
Julianna Barabas (Calgary)
Janine Eisenächer (Berlin)
Laura Margita (Saskatoon)
Presented by the Edgy Women Festival and
La Centrale Soirée Powerhouse Performance Series:
Wednesday March 23, 2011, 7:00pm
La Centrale, 4296 St-Laurent, Montreal
Free Admission
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Presented by FADO Performance Art Centre
Sunday April 3, 2011, 7:00pm
Cinecyle, behind 129 Spadina Ave, Toronto
- FADO -
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Imagined Spaces, Lost Objects
Round-table & discussion featuring the guest artists & curator 

Thursday March 24, 10:30am – 12:30pm
FOFA Gallery, Concordia University
1515 Ste. Catherine West (EV 1.715)
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This talk is generously supported by the Studio Art Visiting Artist Program (SAVAP) and is sponsored by ARTX, Fibres, MFA Studio Art, FOFA Gallery, La Centrale and the Edgy Women festival.
About Imagined Spaces, Lost Objects:
Between the timeless and the transitory, between dream and reality, fact and fantasy, there emerges a potent junction. This intersection, a “no-man’s land,” straddles temporal veracity and produces a space difficult to pin down. In this imagined space, a series of self-consciously constructed identities come to embody an invested trace - of lost love, lost words, of lost or stolen objects. Lost and yet, the trace of what remains sticks in the memory, and to the body. And in this “no-man’s land” we find four women - charting four distinct paths on land in-between multiply defined worlds.
About the artists:
Amalie Atkins is a multidisciplinary artist whose work hop-scotches from filmmaking to fabric-based sculpture to performance. Her work is inspired by repetitive tasks such as cutting and stitching, during which subconscious ideas emerge into stories and story lines.

Julianna Barabas is a performance and video artist whose work explores embodied experiences of gender, identity and spirituality informed by feminist concerns and theory. Her most extensive project is an ongoing performance called ‘seamline’, having a line tattooed around the circumference of her body.

Janine Eisenächer works in various constellations as performance artist, mostly on serial performance art projects on certain topics using body, objects, text, sound and video. She develops concepts for group/duo/solo performances and site-specific interventions in public spaces.

Laura Margita works with fuzzy fabric, both heavy and light objects, paint, media and performance. She is a community activist fighting for social justice, nudity and culture for all. She is the Executive Director at PAVED Arts (Saskatoon).

Thanks to: Studio 303 & Edgy Women, La Centrale, FADO, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Saskatoon Arts Board, the Saskatoon Film Pool, the Saskatchewan Arts board and the Goethe Institute (Munich and Toronto) for making this event possible.

372 Ste-Catherine W. #303, Montreal

FEEL INVISIBLE THINGS with anti-cool (Japan)
March 21-25, 9:30am to 12:30pm
We will go through a process in which participants can experience unexpected feelings and ways of thinking. Through various forms of interaction and communication, participants will be able to reflect and act upon the relationships between themselves as well as with their surroundings.

ART PERFORMANCE with Sylvie Tourangeau (in French)
March 28-31, 10am to 1:30pm
Through a gradual learning, practical exercises, presentations with instructions, dynamic feedback, constructive comments, individual coaching in front of the group, and explanations of some basic concepts, participants experience the consciousness of the actual moment, the state of mind, the authentic presence, gesture channelling, and structuring performative actions.

LES SIX POINTS DE VUE with Leslie Baker
April 25-29, 9:30am to 12:30pm
An introduction to Mary Overlie’s Six Viewpoints improvisation technique, addressing essential performance concepts such as being present, active listening, spontaneity, and ensemble playing.

Limited room. Please contact Studio 303 to reserve your spot :

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