To celebrate National Pet Week, May 5 - 11, we are sharing a Training Tip Video each day!
Today's video is Sarah Stoycos demonstrating Leash Walking.

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We are so grateful for our sponsors, supporters, and you!

Training Tip Video for Today, May 8th!
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"Leash Walking" with Sarah Stoycos of Laughing Dog Academy
Thank you to today's sponsor, Harlow School for Dogs

Training Tip Video from Tuesday, May 7th
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"Attention Games" with Marnie Montgomery of Joyful Dog
Thank you to Tuesday's sponsor, Georgetown Piano Bar

Training Tip Video from Monday, May 6th
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"Capturing Behavior" with Juliana Willems of Dog Latin Dog Training
Thank you to Monday's sponsor, Dog Latin Dog Training

Training Tip Video from Sunday, May 5th
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"Polite Greetings" with Jackie Moyano of Behavior United
Thank you to Sunday's sponsors, Behavior United and Molly Carter Real Estate

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