a non-profit whose goal is to help keep dogs out of shelters 
                                 by educating and supporting their humans
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Did you know..

that you can email us anytime for free advice, local recommendations for trainers and services, and a shoulder to cry on. We are here for you 

that we offer twenty free workshops each year PLUS a monthly workshop for adopters. Our speakers are world-renowned trainers and authors, normally paid for their appearances; local veterinary behaviorists; area trainers and other pet professionals. They all have one thing in common: They want to help you and your dog have a trusting, happy, fulfilled life together ... forever.

that our books and behavior handouts are all given out for free to anyone who needs them.

that our website gets traffic from all over the country, our newsletter has almost 7,000 subscribers, and we have added online courses to reach more people. We spend nearly $4,000 for our digital outreach.

that Your Dog's Friend is a non-profit whose mission is to help keep dogs out of shelters by educating and supporting dogs and their people. Through our workshops, classes, and advice, we have helped people keep their dogs when all else failed.

How can you help?

1. Donate to Your Dog's Friend today, Nov 27, Giving Tuesday, when our matching grant is in effect. Go to http://bit.ly/2tuVxvw. Your donation is tax-deductible.

2. Make your donation in the morning, since we will be updating our totals throughout the day.

3. Follow us on Facebook and help build the buzz.

4. Spread the word! Let people know on your social media and list serves why they should give to Your Dog’s Friend.

5. Forward this email to your family and friends along with a few sentences on why you give to Your Dog’s Friend. 

Enter for a chance to win a free class for you and your dog!

If you commit to a 1-year recurring donation of at least $20/month OR a one-time donation of at least $240, you will be entered into a raffle for a free class. 

We need you today more than ever. Help us meet our $5,000 goal,

so Your Dog's Friend receives Fitzgersld Auto Mall's matching grant.

                                       Thank you!

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Your Dog's Friend
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