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End of October, 2022
Preparing kids for the financial jungle.

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Cash or cavities?

Looking for tricks to curb your kid’s candy consumption this Halloween?

I browsed anonymous FamZoo transaction data containing the keyword “candy” from the 30 days following Halloween last year. Here are 3 clever candy compensation schemes I found fellow FamZoo parents using:

  1. Parent buyback program. Offer to buy your kid’s excess Halloween candy. You could buy everything beyond a certain limit. Or you could buy specific items — like things they shouldn’t eat, or can’t eat, or things that are your personal favorites.

    Kids can issue money requests to negotiate their buyback terms. Parents can approve the request at a price above, at, or below the child’s bid, or just decline the request altogether.

    The biggest payout I noticed in the data was $40 — cha-ching!

    So, what are you going to do with all the extra candy? You could save it for future birthday party favors, foist it on your office mates, or donate it — after eating all your favorites first, of course. 😉

  2. Sibling sales. If one kid has an unusually large haul, allow that kid to sell off the excess to the other kids.

    Kids can issue transfer requests to negotiate their deals. Since you must approve the requests, you can monitor for price gouging and intervene when necessary.

  3. Paid candy duty. Preempt candy collection by older kids altogether by paying them to stay home and hand out candy at your door instead of trick-or-treating themselves.

    Eyeballing candy duty transactions, it looks like the going rate is about $30 or so.

Too expensive you say? Think of it this way: you can pay your kid a little bit now, or pay your dentist a lot more later.


The FamZoo parent community.

It takes a zoo.

Recently in the FamZoo parent community:

  • Angela P. asked about the best way to move money back to her bank account after an accidental transfer in. ↩️
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For your own good.

As you’re confiscating your kids’ candy, share the wisdom of the great Greek philosopher:

“He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.” ~ Socrates

Teaching your kids moral philosophy is hard work, but someone’s gotta do it.

Mmmm, Kit Kat bar — don’t mind if I do...


🙏 A big THANK YOU to...

  • Apex Money — Jim and J.D. put out a weekday newsletter highlighting 3 personal finance articles that will “change the way you think about money and life.” I’ve found some real gems in their newsletter over the years. You can browse old editions and subscribe here.
  • Michelle L. — for the extremely kind graduation note: “I wanted to take the time to thank you for creating such a great service and one backed up by amazing customer service. I’ve had multiple late night emails with y’all for one thing or another. ;) You were always incredibly responsive. Your service gave us the tools to help teach our kids about splitting up your income into different accounts on the way in (short-term, long-term savings, and charity is how we did it), saving for a goal, making sure you have enough money before you spend it, not having all your money available for impulse buys, and eventually responsibly using a debit card and asking for reimbursements. It has been an amazing tool and greatly benefited our family. Thank you for your blood, sweat, tears .... and primarily time that you put into this service.”

    Since we don’t advertise, your positive reviews on Facebook and the app stores, as well as your private referrals to friends (worth a bonus! 💰), are greatly appreciated!

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