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 Introducing Woody Aragon…
Woody Aragon is not just an outstanding card magician and technician he is above all an incredibly entertaining magical performer. Mr. Aragon has appeared on international television programs in Spain, Germany and the United States.
His many awards include:
2005 - Spanish Champion of Card Magic
2006 - Awarded the prestigious Ascanio Award for the Magician of the Year
2011 - 1st Place McMillan's International Convention Award (London, UK)
2011 - Award of Merit International Brotherhood of Magicians
2011 - 2nd Prize in Card Magic at the FISM North-American Championships
2011 - The Society of American Magician's "People's Choice Award" and "Excellence in Close-Up Magic Awards”
Miguel Puga, the 2003 FISM World Champion of Card Magic, said this about Woody Aragon, "A constant student of the 'Escuela Magica de Madrid', Woody knows the importance of the theory and the composition of good magic structure. He administers the concepts of Arturo de Ascanio, the devious ruses of Juan Tamariz, the perspectives of Camilo Vázquez and the theatrical conflicts of Pepe Carroll. Woody Aragón is the personification of the Spanish school of thought. "
Woody's latest book, A Book in English, is the top seller magic book for the last 6 months and has been getting rave reviews from magic reviewers the likes of Jason England, Eric Mead, Wayne Kawamoto and the book is considered one of the best magic books of the year.


 Bob Solari has dedicated his life to the performance and advancement of the magical arts. He now travels the world as a full-time entertainer, lecturer, writer, and innovator in the magical arts. He has written four best selling instructional lecture notes on magic and mentalism, and is featured on multiple instructional DVDs . including multiple appearences at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, where he has been nominated for Lecturer of the Year.
His creations have been recognized in all major modern periodicals for magicians, including The Linking Ring, Magic Magazine, Genii Magazine, M.U.M Magazine. Bob Solari has marketed over 100 effects to date. His magic is very commercial. His plots are simple and best of all require minimal or no sleight of hand. He is continually developing new routines and adaptations of classical ones. His style, his wit, his affability and his genius are unequalled, and he is an asset to the art of magic.Superlatives come easily when referring to Bob's magic. Yet all the writing in the world is not as convincing as Bob Solari person. Seeing is believing, but you won't believe your eyes.
Bob will demonstrate how to construct routines and utilize principles (instead of difficult sleight-of-hand) in such a way that the performer becomes so far ahead of his audiences that it is not even fair. Bob also exemplifies how to utilize principles and emotional hooks to greatly enhance the impact and status of your magic. Bob demonstrates how to take full advantage of gaffs to create miracles not otherwise possible.His remarkable and unique style of magic is performed in a very distinctive way, this is magic in its purest form.
This includes work on the “Any card at any number” Which many say is the "Real Deal".
The material covered varies in difficulty from nearly self-working to “I can't believe he just did that.” A lecture by Bob Solari is a ticket into the world of easy execution with maxium effect. Using minimal sleight of hand, powerful effects are performed and explained with playing cards, money, business cards,coins and many other ordinary objects in ways you never thought possible,(and without) a memorized deck, or engrossed in knuckle-busting sleight-of-hand, the lecture of Bob Solari will be an event not soon forgotten.

FRIDAY, MAY 11, 8:00PM

 Mark Strivings is a full-time professional performer doing over 500 paid performances a year. Working a wide variety of venues and performing styles, he does everything from strolling and table-hopping to children's shows, adult performances, mentalism, readings, home psychic parties, hypnosis and more. He works primarily in the western half of the US, and is currently based in Denver.
Mark is the author of 13 books on mentalism, children's magic and family entertainment. He is also a featured performer on the Desert Brainstorm Series of videotapes published by A-1 Magical Media. He is featured again on the A-1 All-Star's Volume 3 video along with Juan Tamariz, Raphael Benatar and Darwin Ortiz.
Mark has 12 solo videos to his credit. He has released nearly 50 effects and accessories for mentalists and family entertainers. He has been published in Magick, Syzygy and Vibrations. He is a columnist for The Magic Menu and the recently terminated Laugh Makers Magazine. He has been a guest columnist for Joe Steven's Gemini Network.


  Get set to learn some KILLER, and surprisingly-easy-to-do, COMMERCIAL material. Something for absolutely EVERYBODY, close-up & parlour, ALL skill levels, cards, coins, rubber bands and LOTS of miscellaneous ideas & tips to improve what you already do and to make your performing life MUCH easier.
Just a few of the highlights in this lecture:
-- THE 'I HATE DAVID COPPERFIELD' TRICK": an eye-popping version of Jennings' "Close-Up Illusion" - was on Penguin Magic's top ten list for nearly an entire YEAR!
-- SAUSAGE FINGER ILUSION: an incredibly easy (but shocking) bit of magic - the PERFECT OPENER for any stage/parlour show
-- a wonderful 3-phase, 8-card NO-SLEIGHT "Oil & Water" routine that looks UNBELIEVABLE
-- E.A.R./ELECTRICAL ARTLET: two miracles that rely almost entirely on SOUND (and real reputation-makers)
-- an astounding, impromptu, NO-SLEIGHT card trick that uses subtlety (and some verbal linguistics) to DEVASTATE your audience!
No pipe dreams or untested, confusing disappointments to waste your time - these are POLISHED GEMS that Geoff relies on for his professional stand-up and close-up gigs. Some LEGENDS in magic (Fantasio, Sam Schwartz, J.K. Hartman, Michael Weber, John Mendoza, Mike Maxwell and others) have given permission for variations of some of their miracles to be included in his notes. Super easy to do but have a MAJOR IMPACT on lay audiences and magicians alike, Geoff GUARANTEES you'll take away something from the lecture that you can put to use IMMEDIATELY!
Skill level required for most of the tricks: beginner to intermediate. There are NO second deals, one-handed top palms, multiple-coin classic palms or pipe dreams of ANY kind here. All effects are direct from my strolling and parlour repertoires and are no nonsense, do-able, real-world workers (that appear to be much harder than they really are)! I can assure you that magicians of all skill levels will have fun playing with the moves and ideas in this lecture.
"Hello I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance and your lecture at the Columbus Magi-Fest... Top notch. It was the highlight of the whole convention for me."
-- ERIC D.
"Thanks for putting on a great lecture for our Ben Bergor Ring #31 Magic Club here in Madison. Your lecture had a lot of fresh new ideas and routines! You're a very entertaining lecturer. I had nothing but positive feedback from everyone that attended!"
"As a fellow magician that also does comedy magic, I was very excited to learn from your lecture in Tulsa, OK, and found it to be one of the most informative lectures I have attended in my short 6 years in magic. Your sense of humor applied to magic was right-on! I hope to be able to apply your approaches to using laughter into my magic. I loved your Everything's A Radio trick."
"Hey Geoff, I had a few friends go to the PCAM on the cruise and said you were the hit of the convention."
"I would like to say that I am a voracious reader of magic literature, reading hundreds of titles each year, and have found more usable material in your lecture notes (for me personally) than in any single source in recent memory."
"Got the set of notes in the mail yesterday. WOW! I've been in magic for many years and rarely do I get excited about lecture, but MAN, these notes are GREAT!"
-- an attendee at the St. Paul lecture
ABOUT GEOFF WILLIAMS (if you're not familiar with him):
Geoff has won over two dozen magic and comedy awards, in both stage and close-up, in the 27+ years he's been performing for corporate and family audiences. His "Miracles For Mortals" DVD set has received rave reviews worldwide.
He has performed and lectured in Europe, Mexico and throughout the U.S., and is a frequent performer at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Recently, he was a featured performer in Australia (Adelaide Magic Convention), London (MacMillan Close-Up Convention) and on the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship (PCAM). He received the "Top Contributor" award at a recent Carolina Close-Up Convention and was a HUGE hit at the Columbus Magi-Fest.
He is known for outrageous, family-friendly comedy mixed with mind-boggling sleight of hand illusions.


 Denny and Lee's presents
Playing with your Pack
Ben Train and Chris Mayhew lecture
Whether you do magic for hundreds of people or just for yourself, we
are all looking for the same thing- powerful magic that's fun to do.
Using material from their critically acclaimed books, DVDs, downloads,
and numerous magazine contributions, Ben Train and Chris Mayhew will
help you discover strong magic that's not just fun to watch, but fun to
perform as well!
There's something in this lecture for everyone, from material you'll
need to practice to tricks so easy you'll be able to do them before you
leave your seat. Learn to make cards vanish and reappear in a variety of
new and exciting ways, read three people's minds… instantly and with no
sleight of hand, and discover new principles that will give you the
tools to create your own powerful routines.
Equally important, Ben and Chris will be talking about the theories
behind the magic. Not only will you learn how to better connect with
people, and create interesting, meaningful routines, but you'll learn
how proper structure can make your magic better and your job easier.
Which all means one thing; it's time to play with your pack!



Lecture Title: Rethink
A professional entertainer and speaker for thirty years, ICE has had numerous television appearances including the internationally acclaimed “Masters of Illusion.” ICE has been the cover feature of numerous magazines, and his many awards include “Entertainer of the Year” and the prestigious “Performer's Medal of Excellence” presented by the United States Department of Defense. ICE is truly, in the words of many reviewers, “a Magical phenomenon,” and his lecture is “The Event!”
Ice will lecture on everything from Close-up, Stand-Up to Stage. Come on out and witness ICE


The Pack Smart Play Anywhere Lecture - by Bill Abbott
"I am completely obsessive when it comes to the Pack Smart Play Anywhere lifestyle. The basic philosophy is rooted in the idea that it's better to fill a stage with personality and entertainment rather than large props and paraphernalia. I will show you, with practical examples, how to stretch and pull every ounce of entertainment out your props, your script and interaction to deliver a show that is high on impact and low on luggage. This lecture could change your opinions, your show and possibly your life."
James Bond Does Magic
James Bond, the character made famous in numerous movies, could take down an evil dictator or insane nuclear scientist or even an army with a few cool gadgets, fast reflexes and quick thinking. That's what the Pack Smart Play Anywhere mindset is all about. During the lecture Bill will show and explain how to get the most out of your show with the least amount of bulk. Strategies, insightful techniques and workable solutions to propel you to think smarter about your magic and to adopt the James Bond approach.
The Bullet Proof Act
Bill reveals his process of looking at a routine and figuring out how to make it work in any environment, travel easily and how to make it your own. Plus how to take or incorporate your current closeup repertoire of effects and use them to create your own stand up show!
The Lecture Includes
o 6 Complete Stand-Up Routines that feature General Magic, Geek Magic and Mentalism, are performed as a full show and then explained.
o The Theory of The Pack Smart Play Anywhere approach is discussed, examined and demonstrated during the performance. o How to develop your own Pack Smart Play Anywhere Show to take with you on your next flight, throw into the glove box of your car or perform at your next paid function.
Exclusive Secrets Revealed
Bill Abbott's Pack Smart Play Anywhere material is exclusively a lecture experience. The products, routines and props that will be presented, demonstrated and for sale during the lecture are not and will not be available anywhere or anytime else.


 The Thing Workshop Intensive - by Bill Abbott
"The Thing is one of my favorite tricks of the past decade.
It's not a floating ball effect, it's a discovery of invisible life.
Well made, and a beautiful astonishing effect.”
David Regal
MAGIC Magazine
Learn the reputation-making one-man levitation that can be performed ANYWHERE taught by the creator Bill Abbott!
Attend this workshop conducted by full-time pro Bill Abbott and walk away with all the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to perform The Thing. The full routine will be dissected move-by-move so each student in attendance will grasp every subtle nuance and procedure.
Along with this workshop and some consistent practice you will be adding The Thing to your working repertoire sooner than you think. Whether The Thing is already part of your act and you want to improve or you want to start from scratch this workshop will have enough information and personal instruction to help you on your way.
Various performance techniques and unpublished information will be demonstrated and discussed. Whether you specialize in kids entertaining, corporate audiences or even mentalism, The Thing will be the one you can perform anywhere for anyone! The Thing can float in any performing situation with your audience viewing from any angle. With the strategies divulged during the workshop you will have a WORKABLE mystery that will entertain AND deceive any audience young or old.
Bonus Feature: The Pocket Thing
During the workshop Bill Abbott will also be tipping the work on performing The Thing in walk-around situations. Imagine performing the Thing at your next walk-around gig, your restaurant table shows or even on stage away from all tables, cases and props!
Bill Abbott's one goal in conducting this workshop is to help you to learn and perfect your performance of The Thing.
To accomplish this goal the 2 hour workshop will include the following technique & instruction:
o The Basics of Point Fix o Simple Body Isolation o Gimmick Puppetry/ Manipulation
o Movement & Non-Movement Discipline o Character Development o Audience & Spectator Management
o Creating Back Story & Subtext o Motivation Through Inner Monologue o Emotional & Physical Segues o Creating Original Moments
o The Real Secrets of Levitation o Natural Acting Technique o Improvisation in the Routine o Performing With Confidence


For more than three decades, Rick Maue crisscrossed the United States, performing his original creations for corporate audiences, at universities, and in small theaters. In addition, over the past ten years, he has taught many of his most popular pieces to magicians and mentalists all across the country, lecturing in 40 different states…including a collection of appearances at our shop here in Baltimore, and also at our Vegas location. Rick's lectures have always been some of our most talked about events due to his well-crafted routines, his attention to detail, and his constant willingness to share.
In October of last year, Rick retired from the road after his record sixth appearance at MINDvention, in Las Vegas. However, since he didn't get the chance to say goodbye to friends and fans on the East Coast, he is coming to our Baltimore shop for one final event. And what an event it will be!
Much more than just a lecture, Rick will be presenting a complete 2-day workshop on June 23rd & 24th, where he will be covering almost all of his best known creations, such as FATE, Terasabos, The Final Picture, The Journey, Imagine, Collect Call, Riding the Wave, Group Dynamic (including the highly sought unpublished version), Polygraphic (Rick's unpublished closer), Heads & Tails, as well as pieces from his best-selling Book Of HauntedMagick, and much, much more (in addition to a collection of other unpublished items).
The event is scheduled to begin at 1:00 on Saturday afternoon (June 23rd), with the first workshop session ending around 6:00. Next, there will be a special performance at 8:00 on Saturday night. (The Saturday night show will be included in the cost of the workshop, however, additional tickets will also be available for individual purchase at $15.00 per person.)
The final workshop session will begin on Sunday morning (June 24th) at 11:00, and it will officially end around 5:00. (However, Rick promises to hang around to answer any, and all, questions.)
Finally, Rick's one stipulation was to avoid being one of those stereotypical over-priced workshops, so the cost for the entire event (both workshop sessions & the Saturday night show) is only $50.00 per person. (His philosophy is that he wants to keep the price down so that those that really wish to attend can do so without digging too deep into their own pockets.) Think about it, at just $50.00, that's less than $5.00 an hour to learn a lifetime's worth of great, real-world material. So the question is: Are you serious about magic and/or mentalism? If you are, then this is a deal that you just shouldn't pass up.
In closing, for those that don't know, Rick calls his creations VdM Magic…which means, from a technical viewpoint, the Venus de Milo could do them. In other words, there are no difficult sleights. And, there is no need for any expensive props. Everything that you need comes from a regular office supply store, and that's why Michael Weber dubbed Rick “OfficeMax Maven”. Join us in June to see why for yourself.


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