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Web Animation Weekly

Hello, faithful reader! 

A lot has changed behind the scenes lately—my father passed away just before I came to start a new gig in Amsterdam. This has naturally put a stress on things. 

But we're committed to continuing sharing information and animation happenings and to keeping this newsletter by the community and for the community. To do that, we're changing a few things: 

  1. We're going monthly for at least the next five months. Ivana is working with people we know and love from the community to create handcrafted special editions you won’t want to miss. Just a few of the upcoming editors lined up are Lisi Linhart, Nadieh Bremmer, David Khourshid, and Dan Wilson. If you have nominations, please send them to us
  2. A name change! We are now Animation at Work, which matches the Slack’s name and gives us a bit more flexibility while remaining true to our vision!
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One last thing...

We're delighted that our readership has surged! But so too has the cost of producing the newsletter: $150 a month for our Mailchimp subscription, yikes! For now I’m covering costs out of my own pocket. If you’d like to help us cover our expenses, we'd greatly appreciate any contributions to our Patreon.

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We’re super excited at the opportunity to showcase these community members and their ideas. Thank you for subscribing and all your support over the years! Enjoy the ride!

Rachel Nabors, Editor

emceeing at JSConf EU, Berlin and keynoting Scotland CSS, Edinburgh
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