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Web Animation Weekly

This issue is a celebration of all you wonderful readers who make Web Animation Weekly great!

I wrote a bit about gardening over gatekeeping, the difference between curating a community and connecting its members. While curation is a great way to sort the wheat from the chaff in a bustling work week, it's entirely dependent on the good will and taste of the curator--and no human is perfect. Curation can leave a community vulnerable to elitism, exclusionary practices.

In the spirit of gardening over gatekeeping, I haven't curated any of these entries. Anyone who entered their animation is featured in this issue. Consider this your end of year meet and greet with your fellow readers. I hope you make some friends.

Curation returns next week. Happy 2016!

Rachel Nabors

Sarah Drasner made this responsive and interactive laser-pand machine with GSAP. She even did a write up on how she made it!

Terrana Cliff brings us her animated webcomic, Nwain: The Knight Who Wandered Dream. Made in Edge Animate with additional JavaScript by the artist.

Zach Saucier made this JS library that does loading animations for images and other assets. Seriously, just look at these demos.
Ian Johnson created this demo using mo.js and d3.js to allow a user to draw their own easing function.
Nicolas Hoizey made esviji, a puzzle game made entirely with SVG and SMIL! Version 3 comes out next year and will use the Web Animation API.
Bruno animated an origami bird in SVG prior to GSAP's MorphSVG. Thus it uses a more complex technique using Snap.js. It was a part of his company's rebranding: " represents the craftsmanship we try to apply to every product we create."
Abhishek Sachan made this loader using pure CSS with the motion-path property and an SVG arc path, animating motion-offset and giving each div a different animation-delay.
Rachel Nabors collaborated with Mozilla to create this interactive game that teaches players about the deep sea and how to use Firefox's animation tools.

(No rules say I can't add my own project ;) 
Psst, did you enjoy this? Web Animation Weekly thrives off submissions from readers like you! Submit a link! Or share with your friends!
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