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Web Animation Weekly

👋 Hello from another guest-edited version of Web Animation Weekly. 

There's been a lot happening in the past week or so— I'm sure everyone has seen the impact of #MeToo and the womens' boycott of Twitter. It can be overwhelming, but it should be. This happens everywhere, and touches every facet of life and our industry. If you need convincing, read this open letter from women in the animation industry call for an end to harassment. Listen. Understand. Breathe— and then act meaningfully, in whatever form that action takes for you. Conversations aren't enough if change doesn't follow. 

This issue that begins with a feature which aims to help us stand in the shoes of others, and see the world as they do. I hope everyone has a good week; be excellent to each other.  

Ivana McConnell, Editor

What's it like to taste sound? Animation is at its most powerful when opens doors to entirely new worlds. World of Synesthesia connects us four synesthetes, people for whom stimulating one sense triggers another, and lets us experience their worlds.

[Podcast] Missing Rachel? She was recently featured on the User Defenders Podcast.

[VR] [Web app] Hologram is a self-styled pioneer: a web app which lets you design VR experiences with no previous code knowledge.

[JS] [VR]  Open-source and built in JavaScript, Norman is the VR animation tool James Paterson has always wanted. 

[JS] [Library] DraggableJS is a modern drag and drop library, with a marvellous interactive site to go with it.

[LIbrary] Set a reminder! The Spirit beta is arriving on Halloween!

[Tutorial] [VueJS] Now this is a tutorial: VueJS transitions and animations with live CodePen demos, code snippets, and a GitHub repo.

[JS] [Plugin] Make your sidebars not just sticky, but smart and speedy with this pure-JS plugin. 

Some great work from around the webs:

91 vintage book covers brought to life with animation by German graphic designer Henning M. Lederer.

Polygons of the Galaxy! Inspired by Species in Pieces, Lloyd James builds Star Wars characters from CSS Polygons.

Phew, you’ve made it to the end! Here’s a cat swinging on a string.

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