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Web Animation Weekly

Welcome to our 150th issue of Web Animation Weekly! 

2017 was an intense year for yours truly: published a book on animation, donated all your course purchases to my hometown Bookmobile (big THANK YOU from Patrick Country, Virginia!), left Microsoft... 

Meanwhile, our readership has grown to over 7000 subscribers and the Animation at Work Slack grew to 3000 members—we even had to bring in our first moderators to help keep the conversations happy and spam-free (big shout out to both of them)! And your patronage in 2017 covered most of our Mailchimp costs, letting this newsletter keep shipping.

At this juncture, I find myself asking, “What is next?” not just for me, but also for the Animation at Work and Web Animation Weekly community. 

Our community is getting bigger—and we over here at the Animation at Work family are plotting great things for 2018 to accommodate that growth.

You are what makes this community great: the projects you share, the evangelizing you do on your own teams, the thoughtfulness you put into your work, and your infectious curiosity that drives the web forward.

As such, we want your feedback on what’s next! Please, help guide us by taking a moment from your busy schedule to fill out this form

We’ll be so glad you did. 

We’ll be taking a wee hiatus while we organize for the next phase. In the mean time, enjoy this extra bulky edition! Here’s to What Comes Next :)

Rachel Nabors, Editor

From olive pit to Renault, and apple core to electricity: use Veolia's resourcing machine, built by Merci-Michel, to follow these journeys with some Rube-Goldberg-esque interactive storytelling, animation, and illustration. Nice! 
Ivana McConnell, Features Editor
[CFP] [Conf] OpenVisConf 2018 is happening in Paris and their CFP is open. Get in there with a proposal of your own!

[News] [Performance] [Mobile] iOS throttles requestAnimationFrame in low power mode and in iframes. (I should point out here that CSS animations and Web Animations API don't slow down with decreased framerates: they always finish on time, even if they drop frames. Worth weighing when deciding what technique you'll approach your problems with.)

[News] [Performance] GIF without the .gif? You can use <img src=".mp4">s in Safari Technology Preview. 

[Performance] [Article] "Time to First Interactive," "First Meaningful Paint," learn what all these perf terms mean in this article on rendering metrics.

[SVG] 60 free animated SVG icons made with Bodymovin'.

[Prototyping] [Tutorial] Designing the Real Thing with Haiku Actions.

[Demo] [Article] A “Voronoi diagram is a partitioning of a plane into regions based on distance to points in a specific subset of the plane.” Yeah, it's demos like this that make me want to dive back into maths.

[Android] Speaking of math, Playing with Paths is technically about path animation on Android, but it gets into converting Cartesian coordinates into polar coordinates, which totally applies to CSS and JS animations.

[VR] [Article] How NVIDIA Research is Reinventing the Display Pipeline for the Future of VR gets into the hard limits of the rendering as well as human visual system—and some smart ways around them!   

[CSS] [Article] CSS Transitions explained

[CSS] [After Effects] [Article] How to transition from After Effects to CSS Transitions and Animations

[Tooling] [Tutorial] How to trigger individual animations on a timeline with Lottie-web (formerly Bodymovin'). 

[React] [Article] How to implement Material Design Motion with React.js.

[GSAP] [Presentations] TweenDeck is a presentation library that uses GSAP for its animations.

[Game] [Inspiration] Engare combines geometry, design, and gameplay. Just bought a copy of my own!
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