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Web Animation Weekly

Happy Halloween, and good news: Rachel returns to us next week! It's been a pleasure to put together the past few issues of Web Animation Weekly, and I hope you've enjoyed my efforts. Your feedback and responses are always very much appreciated. Until next time! I offer you a parting gif...

Ivana McConnell, Features Editor

Get your WebGL explorer hat on! Curious Critters Club is a global kids' group, aiming to encourage youngsters to discover new creatures, starting with this delightful experience.

[Gaming] [Mobile] Ken Wong, lead designer of Monument Valley, has a new project: Florence, an interactive story of a young couple, centred around the relationship's ups and downs.

[Javascript] [Data] GraphicsJS, the engine behind AnyChart's interactive data visualisations, is free and open-source.

[GSAP] Tired of Powerpoint? Use Tweendeck to build your slide decks with GSAP and HTML instead! 

[Article] [Q&A] Which came first, the algorithm or the artwork? Nicolas Ménard describes not just animation, but the visuals, approach, and the tools behind the scenes. 

[Tools] Need some help with timing? Check out Time Out(put), Rachel’s own little timing scale and tokens tool.

[Tutorial] [CSS] Some CSS tricks from Donovan Hutchinson on making animations wait until just the right moment. 

[Article] [AfterEffects] I love me a process deep-dive. Bike to School starts with pen and paper and provides a great high-level overview! 

[Tutorial] [WebGL] Weather in the browser! Get a walkthrough on building a gorgeous wind map with WebGL. 

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