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Web Animation Weekly

Over the weekend I ran a sale on my CSS Animations and practical cartooning courses with 100% of the profits going to my hometown Bookmobile. This Bookmobile changed my life, and continues to change lives across rural Virginia. Well, the sale was so successful, I thought: let's extend it for the whole week!

So from now until December 5th, you can get 50% off any of my courses with the coupon code BOOKMOBILE. What's more as a Microsoft employee, Microsoft matches my donation dollar for dollar—when you buy a course, the Bookmobile gets double!

(Also, until the end of November, 15% of all A Book Apart book purchases go to help families stay in their homes. There hasn't been a better time to buy your copy of Animation at Work!)

Thank you for your attention to this holiday sale. Now, on with the weekly!! 

Rachel Nabors, Editor

BDDI 2018 is a treasure trove of "3D music experiments," created in three.js by students of the Gobelins school of visual communications. There's a song (and a visualization) for everyone!
Ivana McConnell, Features Editor
[News] [After Effects] Bodymovin’, the AfterEffects to SVG exporter Lottie is built on top of, is now officially Lottie-web! Makes sense!

[Perf] [Article] Love web animation? Want to get better with perf tools? Here’s the article for you! Optimizing CSS: Tweaking Animation Performance with DevTools!

[News] [CSS] Interesting how CSS's new "overscroll-behavior" allows rudimentary customizing of pull-to-refresh and overflow effects.

[Data Viz] [Article] [Video] Go behind the scenes of Nadieh Bremer's interactive slides on creating better data visualizations!

[Frameworks] I’ve been getting into Vue lately. Oh look! An article on creating Vue.js transitions and animations. How handy!

[Podcast] [Contemplation] We got really heavy on Developer Tea, earlier this year. We didn’t just talk about web animation: we dove into how rejection is a fact of life, whether writing a book or submitting a pull request. Check out part one and two.  

[VR] [Type] What a great idea, to create a virtual museum of typeforms people can interact with!

[Inspiration] 40 Instagram accounts you should be following from Motionographer.

[Inspiration] [Studio animation] I love everything about this '80's send up Teen Titans music video, right down to its tongue-in-cheek lensflare. (And yes, that is Fall Out Boy.)
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