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Hello folks! 

As you may have heard, I will be joining the React Core team in London to work on documentation and community building. I cannot begin to express how excited I am to be working with such a great team on a JavaScript framework that enables top notch UI animation across all devices!

Before this happy news, though, a lot of things happened over the past year or two. I lost my father, moved to a new country, and lost my marriage as well. It’s been a lot to handle, and fortunately members of the Animation at Work community like Lisi Linhart and Nadieh Bremer have picked up the slack. It has always been my intention to build a community resource that I could turn over to, well, the community! And now is that time.

As such, David Khourshid and Stephen Shaw will be taking the reins of this newsletter—delivering a smashing new issue every month with the same links and news you’ve come to expect as well as exciting tutorials. You might know them already from their animation work on CodePen or their Keyframers live streams. I cannot think of better people to take the helm, and hope you’ll enjoy the issues they have planned!

Over the years this newsletter has grown from a pet project helping me clean up my tabs every week into what it is today. Every day someone tells me this newsletter helped them is a day I know I've done something good with my life. And I couldn't have done any of this without your support. Thank you! 

R. Nabors, Founder

PS My book Animation at Work is now available in print as well as in eBook formats! Get your copy today! 

I’d like to thank Rachel for giving me the chance to work on a brilliant newsletter, learn way more about animation than I’d ever expected, and most importantly a very valuable friendship! I’ll be on Twitter, looking forward to a year of focusing on specialising in my field, and hopefully finding some chill.  

Ivana Mcconnell, Editor

Rachel's book, Animation at Work, is now available in print from A Book Apart!
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