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Web Animation Weekly

Sorry for the late edition! I was so honored to have been invited to Munich to keynote at JS Kongress. You can already watch my talk, The Browser Is Not a Document Reader! It's about how three things introduced in Internet Explorer 4—the DOM API, data-binding, and asynchronous JavaScript—have shaped how we build the web today, two decades later.

I was amazed in researching this how much the technologies we build today really do escalate and impact what the next generation of designers and developers build. Worth thinking about! 

Rachel Nabors, Editor

Every gaming event site should interactivity and play! Meet & Build, by Reed and Quai10, uses background scroll animations and click-and-drag interactivity— so go bounce some spheres around!
Ivana McConnell, Features Editor
[VR] Coursera launched a set of Virtual Reality courses open to everyone!

[VR] [Perf] “GPU’s Will Need to be 40x More Powerful for Photo Realistic VR States”—NVIDIA

[Perf] [News] [Browsers] [Talk] [Video] The performance power issue grows greater and greater as WebVR grows neared and neared. I was lucky enough to see Lin Clark give a wonderful, comic-based keynote about how Firefox Quantum works and can help us hit those new frames per second goals.

[Angular] [Tutorial] Looking to bring animations to your Angular project? Check out AnimationMovie!

[Podcast] [WAAPI] Check out the episode of The Web Platform Podcast where we talk Web Animations API!

[Tutorial] [WAAPI] Not ready for the Web Animations API? Make your own DIY Web Animations with Promises, rAF, and CSS Transitions.

[JS] [Library] [Perf] A tiny library (and collection of adapters) for implementing FLIP transitions easily” by our very own David Khoursid!

[News] [Diversity and Inclusion] In more disappointing news, Pixar’s John Lasseter seems to be what we women like to call “handsy” with his coworkers, even having a grope-deflecting “move” named after him. Truly disappointed in the man who gave us classic quotes like my favorite: “The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.”

Tangentially related, Rashida Jones of Parks and Recreation fame bailed on writing Toy Story 4 for tangentially related reasons: "(It is) a culture where women and people of color do not have an equal creative voice, as is demonstrated by their director demographics: out of the 20 films in the company’s history, only one was co-directed by a woman and only one was directed by a person of color." (This explains why most Pixar movies are about dudes having midlife crises!) 

Sometimes I wonder: do homogenous work groups breed unprofessional behavior, or does unprofessional behavior lead to a homogenous workforce? Probably both.

[Inspiration] Digging this animated music video that plays with switching between negative colors spaces.
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