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Hi everyone, David & Stephen (the @keyframers) here 👋

This is the last issue for Animation at Work.

Originally known as Web Animation Weekly, this newsletter has been going since 2014! Rachel Nabors did such a wonderful job gathering great content and cultivating a caring community in the Slack. Over that length of time the newsletter audience has grown to over 10,000 folks like yourself who love animation! 

(@keyframers Fun Fact: David and Shaw first met through the Animation at Work Slack community! Eventually that blossomed into the beautiful friendship you see on the live stream each week. Thank you, Rachel!)

Earlier this year we took the burden of maintaining the newsletter off Rachel's shoulders. We'd hoped the newsletter and support would continue to grow. However the cost for the number of subscribers is too high, and the Patreon support is not enough to sustain the current state. We don't want that weighing on Rachel anymore, so here's the plan...

We're going to continue the spirit of Animation at Work as an @keyframers web animation newsletter. Content-wise, you can expect the same great animation resources, perhaps in a slightly different format. The responsibility here will be fully on us, partially supported by our Patreon.

Those of you who have been reading recent issues will be transferred to a smaller email list on our own account. If you're no longer interested in the newsletter, you'll be able to opt out once we have everything transferred over.

Be on the lookout for that first email or look for updates to! In the meantime, we encourage you to drop by the Animation at Work Slack or tune in to our weekly live streams on Twitch to get connected to other animation aficionados. If you haven't read Rachel's amazing book, Animation at Work, do yourself a favor and expand your animation knowledge by leaps and bounds through this book.

Until next time: ¡Adios, animigos!

– David Khourshid & Stephen Shaw, AKA the @keyframers

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