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Web Animation Weekly

Hello everyone!

I am at my very first TPAC in San Francisco. This is the annual event where all the different working groups at the W3C get together, shake hands, and plot the future of CSS, SVG, WebVR, and generally shape the web. It's always been my dream to be here. I'm so excited!

Many thanks to Ivana for helping with this and previous issues. Without people like her—and you—I wouldn't be able to do half as much as I do. That's a lesson worth repeating: You'll achieve more with friends than you ever could on your own. And that's the spirit behind the W3C's working groups. Many people working together moves the Web forward faster.

Are you interested in getting involved in shaping the future of the web, too? You can propose or join a community group and get your ideas out there!

Rachel Nabors, Editor

Alexander Perrin's Short Trip marries traditional illustration with Javascript, adds sound, and makes some interactive magic
Ivana McConnell, Features Editor
[Podcasts] [Animation] I was honored to be on Jeffrey Veen's podcast, where we discussed the collision of app and web—and the growing complexities and demands of designing for both with animations!

[News] [Standards] [VR] [WebGL] Microsoft just joined OpenXR, backing the open, royalty-free VR/AR standard ferried by the Khronos Group (of WebGL fame). That leaves Apple and Magic Leap dragging their heels. Hopefully they'll come along, too!

[VR] [Interview] Give a listen to this interview with Maureen Fan, Baobab Studios CEO, describe the technical challenges of VR and its role in filmmaking.

[WAAPI] [CSS] Animating with the Web Animations API lets you be more flexible in some situations than animating with CSS alone.

[Tooling] [Inspiration] Webflow shares their new animations and interactions tools with a tubular history lesson in site authoring tools.

[Data Viz] A Visual Introduction to Hierarchical Models explained with expert scrolling animations.

[React] [Talk] From React Europe: Watch Sarah Drasner describe how to animate the virtual DOM with a variety of React methods. 

[Javascript] [Tutorial] Sometimes, instead of CSS timing functions, Ana Tudor shows, we should use just a little bit of Javascript instead.

[SVG] [Tutorial] Neat tutorial from Varun Vachar on animating clipped shapes with SVGs and anime.js, using a Dribbble shot as a starting point.

[Studio Animation] Happy 104th birthday to Don Lusk, “the last living animator from the first Golden Age of the Walt Disney Company.” Check him and his work out in this tribute.
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