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Web Animation Weekly

Features editor Ivana here! While Rachel was attending to some life changes, I fulfilled a nerdy dream and went to An Event Apart: Denver this week. The big theme that resonated with me? Fundamentals.

We must always recall the basic principles of what we’re trying to build—and document them. We must think of the people–both those creating and those they’re creating for—and choose tools to build software purposefully with those folks’ stories in mind. It's also critical to document our processes, for transparency and posterity, and integrate things like animation and visual polish—it's worth it, making for better products and better creators!

So, to build on that inspiration, the links in this issue are either from a conf speaker, or a reflection of the theme! Enjoy!

Ivana McConnell, Features Editor

Millennials are screwed. Or at least, according to this Huffpost feature, which uses tongue-in-cheek scroll-based animation to help draw readers through an otherwise bleak piece, providing visuals and context to forge emotional connection.

[Article] [Accessibility] Val Head, a speaker at AEA Denver, on designing safer web animations for motion sensitivity. An oldie, but one of my favourites.

[Gifs] [Performance] How to have your animated-gif cake and eat it performantly (performantly's a word now). 

[Microinteractions] [UX] Animated micro-interactions drive a user's story forward and give them context in important moments!

[CSS] It's amazing how much we can do with the most basic of HTML. Dan Wilson digs deep and tries to animate some of Lynn Fisher's brilliant Single Div art.

[Frameworks] [Vue] Read about the differences between Vue.js transitions and animations, in order to make the right choice!

[SVG] Dudley Storey on why you should use SVG, and how to integrate it purposefully.

[Article] [Mo.js] Rebuilding Medium’s clap animation, from scratch, and why we should do more re-building

[Inspiration] [The last 10%] The 2017 Lyftie Awards have some delightful animations which trigger on hover. 

[Tools] [Tutorial] Haiku wants us to build imaginative UI— but encourages a back-to-basics storyboard approach before diving in! 

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