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Web Animation Weekly

👋 Hi, everyone! Ivana (features editor) checking in! For the next little while, Rachel is tied up in various ass-kicking, community-building commitments. This issue of WAW is largely collected by her, but for the next few editions, you'll be in my mostly-capable-but-occasionally-clumsy hands! 

Ivana McConnell, Features Editor

In My World amplifies the mental health stories we should hear, but often don't, starting in Lebanon, South Sudan, Togo and Madagascar. The site (by Hello Monday) uses animation in scrolling, text, and imagery, but never overwhelms.

[Talk] [WebVR] Leave some time to ponder the web's future after watching Mark Pesce talk about "Building and Browsing Cyberspace" with WebVR. 

[Tutorial] What does it mean to give animations meaning? Lots of good examples and breakdowns in this deep dive from Tobias Ahlin.

[Tutorial] [Javascript] The requestAnimationFrame method often scares designers away, but Benjamin de Cock breaks it down well in this tutorial.

[Demo] [Canvas] [Javascript] Fun with arrays and canvas to create spinning stars with as simple a method as possible. 

[Resources] This is one sweet HTML Canvas cheatsheet.             

[Tutorials] [CSS] Looking to get a foothold on CSS animations, this tutorial's a great place to start.

[Demo] Check out how "microtweens" can add life to static PNGs

[Software] Storyboarder is a free, open source storyboarding app. Because software that “costs a monthly fee? Fuck those guys.

[3D] [Comics] Lorenzo Etherington's book, The Art of STRANSKI, comes with a set of 3D glasses which brings its magnificent illustrations to life.

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