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Web Animation Weekly

The Web Animations API had a gangbusters year: we have seen frameworks like Angular and Ionic adopt it, actual animation libraries built on it, and more and more examples of it showing up in the wild. It feels like just yesterday I was working on its MDN docs with the good folks at Mozilla, making cute demos with Alice in Wonderland. I'm so happy to see how much folks are using it in the wild! I wonder what new things we'll see in 2018?

Speaking of documentation, the other day I met someone looking for a job in tech who didn't know how to break into contributing to opensource projects. They weren’t sure what they could offer beyond documentation. But docs are one of the best ways you can contribute to a project! I encouraged them—and you—to give time to writing docs around your favorite projects. Even if you're not as technical as you think, an illustration, an explanation, they can go a long way to helping what you love take off. 

People can’t use what they don’t understand. So authoring docs can be one of the biggest ways you can have impact on this world! Something to think about for 2018, eh?

Rachel Nabors, Editor

These fruits have moves. Take a break and bust a move by interacting with this Web-GL "non-GMO online launchpad." 
Ivana McConnell, Features Editor
[WAAPI] [Library] [Progressive Enhancement] I've been telling folks using the Web Animations API to forego the polyfill, fall back to jump cuts—serving non-animated experiences to browsers that lack support for the API. Well, nanoanimation does that: it's a wrapper that allows animations to safely be defined just for browsers that don't support the WAAPI. Default behavior is to do nothing!

[WAAPI] [Library] Just Animate is a robust JavaScript animation library sporting yo-yo, staggered, and grouped animations. Works with the web animations API, too :)

[WAAPI] [CSS] [GSAP] [Article] How to stagger animations in CSS, GSAP and the WAAPI compared!

[WAAPI] [React] "react-web-animation is a set of React components that expose the Web Animations API in a declarative way.” Well, that takes care of Angular and React. What about Vue?

[WAAPI] [Library] Animatelo is a Web Animation API port of the popular animate.css library. 

[WAAPI] [Article] [Performance] Animating Layouts with the FLIP Technique shows us how to use the Web Animations API and a bit of math to create dynamic and performant animations.

[WAAPI] [Demo] Codevember Flipping Birthstones demo uses the Web Animations API.

[Inspiration] [Animation] [Video] "The Space Explorers" is a short little scifi animation that reads like a Modernist painting. Nice 3D movement for a 2D canvas!
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