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February 2014


New Work by NTP Posted: An uneasy Hemingway; an angry Steinbeck; a calculating Magdalene; and a steady McCarthy. In the 21st Century

Here’s the way this short fiction—“Absent in Body, Present in Spirit, The Tech Trilogy”—begins:
“Editor’s Note: In the early months of 2013, the novelist Mary McCarthy was approached by three colleagues in literature, each concerned in distinct ways by the problematic evolution of their reputation, and how and in what form it might endure into this Century: Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, and Mary Magdalene. Each invited a third person to aid in the dialogue: Dashiell Hammett, David Lean, and Frances Cabrini….”

Click here to read “Present in Spirit”
Reader reactions:
 â€œThe funny thing about reading it was I knew it was in part fiction but read it totally believing it.” Michael Sulsona, playwright, New York, December 2013
“Love it!! Very clever.” R. Lemley. New Haven, December 2013


Hawaii Law School Welcomes NTP Collection

NTP donated the research materials, congressional and court documents, notes, and books, some rare, that formed the basis for The Rights of My People, Liliuokalani's Enduring Battle With the United States of America, 1898-1917 (Algora, 2009) to the University of Hawaii Law School in December.  Dean Aviam Soifer and Director for the Center for Excellence in Native Hawaiian Law Melody Kapilialoha MacKenzie designated them as the “Neil Thomas Proto (Lili’uokalani) Collection.”

The Agreement with the Law School requires a new scholarly research direction into Queen Liliuokalani's decade long efforts on the continental United States to regain a million acres of land after Hawaii was annexed in 1898 without a plebiscite. Funding and symposium planning are underway. (Photo: NTP with Dr. Noa Emmett Aluli, 2007, Kaho’olawe Island)

Click here to download the PDF of “Final Letter of Appreciation”

New Book Review by NTP Posted: The irreverence of Lawrence in Arabia

Here’s an excerpt: “Lawrence was … within another thread: The ‘dangerous’ man he self-declared, which others understood, feared, despised, or tried to harness. Irreverence was at its core. It’s Lawrence’s singular characteristic—distinctive in its embedded and perilous nature and grating, life changing effects—that resonates today…. He displayed it on the battlefield...defining guerrilla warfare, and in crafting written guidance for British field officers in Arabia, all of which have resonated in western military circles in the past twenty years, among eastern revolutionaries in jungle warfare long before that….”

Click here to read “Irreverence”


Old Work with New Meaning: When Bart Giamatti Banned Pete Rose

MLB was unwilling to draw bright lines when it came to drug usage. The consequence has been ugly within the game’s tradition, the enduring effects within the American culture severe. There was a lesson to be learned from 1989, when NTP wrote “Preservation of Baseball Tradition is at Stake in Rose Affair,” written from the perspective of having played “third base for Golden Crest during the 1956 season of the Annex Little League.”

Click here to download the PDF of “Preservation of Baseball Tradition”


Antarctica. The Shackleton Rescue Route. In November 2014

NTP examined the Ernest Shackleton papers in the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) during a recent visit to London (see Newsletter, September 2013). Obstacles to Shackleton’s planned expedition across the Antarctic abound. The Austrian Geographical Society supported its own expedition that would use the same base camp area Shackleton planned to use (few such areas are solid enough).  Shackleton claimed “priority;” Sir Robert Falcon Scott used it on an earlier expedition in which Shackleton had been a member. One RGS Committee member opposed granting any funds to support Shackleton, accusing him of  â€œcharlataning” (misleading, would be a polite guess). The RGS awarded £1000, a symbolically important signal to private funders who contributed the bulk of the money. NTP also viewed Shackleton’s hand drawn map of his planned crossing (there may have been more than one), crafted inside a formal dinner menu. He also may have eaten “Devonshire Junket and Cream” that night.

Next Newsletters: What Antarctica confronts environmentally, and what equipment is necessary for the November expedition.



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