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Get fit! Sweat for Support!

Capoeira Brasil! Sign up!
A lot of you may wonder what hobbies we do as a team at Rebuild Global.. see that image up there, the one of the guy flying in the air? That's Brian, Managing Director of Rebuild Global, he's been doing capoeira since 2005 and is an instructor in training with Capoeira Brasil. This week we are the featured nonprofit organization for, a company that aligns socially minded businesses who donate 10-20% of proceeds to nonprofit organizations. Capoeira Brasil is our featured deal today in which you can get fit and be like Brian for $25 bucks. Sasha and Jered, founders and friends of ideal4aCause, have aligned 2 more deals, including Osteria Origano located in Hillcrest. Check us out and follow us on Facebook and support our cause buy making a purchase for yourself or as a gift for friends today!

Tour de Farm Wrap Up!

Tour de Farm!
We'd like to thank everyone who came out to support our first Tour de Farm event we put together on behalf of Rebuild Global. In total we raised $318 from registration and donations from individuals and have more coming in from The Linkery. We'd like to send a big thank you to all our partners and garden stops below. I've added links to each of their pages and feel free to give them another visit or follow them on their pages. We enjoy supporting those who support us. Click on the image above or click here to see pics from Tour de Farm.! Your support in helping spread this message makes a difference! Let your friends know about us! We are looking forward to hosting our next ride and invite you all to join us again. The next one is tentatively being lined up for next month!

Golden Hill Community Garden, B Street Growers, Tilapia Mama with My Backyard Fish Farm (BFF), Terri Hughes Oelrich of Albert Einstein Academies, Ron Troyano of Alchemy, Zach Mayoras' home on 29th, Michael's home/SandHills Beef Co. on Redwood, Lynn Susholtz of Art Produce, and Jay Porter of The Linkery

If you are interested in getting involved and would like to either host a fundraiser, run a marathon, host another Tour de Farm or do something fun and creative to support Rebuild Global, we've teamed up with our downtown neighbors at StayClassy to provide an online fundraising platform where folks like you can create your own fundraising campaign. Check it out and if you any questions email us at! We'd love to continue to plant our seed and gather as much support as we can to continue to implement projects that benefit humanity! Click on the pic for more information about our StayClassy fundraising page!

Spare Office Space?

Rebuild Global HQ is looking for a new home, if you or anyone you know has vacant office space in the vicinity of the downtown neighborhood and would like to donate to our organization, let us know. We'd be more than happy to work with you to make your donation tax-deductible. We'll bring warm smiles, produce from our gardens and designers who want to make a difference. We'd love nothing more than the support from our local community! Contact Sandra at
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